9 Days New

I don’t usually do newborn pictures, it is not something I’ve had the greatest of luck with it seems.  In the past I’ve had a lot of babies that just aren’t that thrilled to have their pictures done.  I haven’t had a regular space to do them in, which made it harder.  Of course all that falls to the wayside when it is your own niece.  Plus, now I have my little studio space to use so that definitely helped.  And, when I realized she had her mother’s (my sister’s) sleeping skills I was quite excited.  Little Miss slept like a pro!  I had the house, and my study space, nice and toasty for her, which she loved, so she just snoozed away.  I loved being able to shoot in the studio and have more flexibility as well as a better idea of what the light would be like.   She is such a sweet heart and I am so glad we got a chance to play, and of course for Auntie to steal some more snuggles.


Sweet Newborn Baby GirlLittle Baby Nose and lipsTiny Newborn Feet Image in Spokane WANewborn Baby Girl in Spokane WABaby Girl in Old Fashioned BonnetFirst Family Photo with Newborn in Spokane WAGorgeous image of Momma and New baby in Spokane WA


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