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And, Baby makes 8 I Spokane Photographer

I  don’t typically do newborn photos.  Sadly I’ve discovered I don’t have the patience for these sweet little ones.  However, I do make an exception for tiny little people related to me or are the children of my close friends. Last month one of those very special exceptions arrived.  My newest niece was born, sweet baby Eliza!  And, with a new grand baby my parents now have 8 grandchildren.  That is right, they now have more grandchildren than children!  She and her big sister

Baby B

I don’t often get newborns in my studio, but whenever I do it is always my privilege to capture this amazing time.  Baby B came to me just over 2 weeks old, so I wasn’t sure how much he would sleep for me or want me to try to curl him up.  He definitely surprised me for the first part of the session he totally zonked out on us, so I was able to get some great sleeping images.  By the end of session he woke up and we got to see those great big blue eyes. 

Sweet Newborn Baby Girl

9 Days New

I don’t usually do newborn pictures, it is not something I’ve had the greatest of luck with it seems.  In the past I’ve had a lot of babies that just aren’t that thrilled to have their pictures done.  I haven’t had a regular space to do them in, which made it harder.  Of course all that falls to the wayside when it is your own niece.  Plus, now I have my little studio space to use so that definitely helped.  And, when I realized she had her mother’s (my

Baby Bump Pictures in a field in Spokane WA

Carrie’s Baby Bump!

There is something truly magical about when a couple is expecting their first baby, well really any baby, but the first is definitely something special.  When the love of two people becomes the love of a family!  Carrie and Max are expecting their little girl in just a few days, but about a month ago we got together to document this amazing stage in the growth of their family.  The sun was just setting as we headed out into the field.  I loved being a part of this moment capturing the

Motherhood- Bloom 52 {Spokane WA Baby Photographer}

It has been awhile since I’ve been able to participate in my Bloom 52 group!  I had such high hopes for this week’s theme of actually being in a picture with my kids, alas it wasn’t to happen.  Sessions, prepping for a yard sale, and dr’s visits decided to take up my time instead.  =( So, I’m sharing an image that is one my all time favorites.  To me it captures the unconditional love that is what motherhood is all about.  This sweet guy was in the hospital

Baby E {Spokane WA Baby Photographer}

I’m excited to show off Baby E’s newborn portraits.  At 2 weeks new, Baby E made me work a bit to get her cooperation,  but in the end I won out.  Congratulations again to Mom and Dad!  I hope you enjoy your new portraits! Spokane WA Photographer

Little C {Spokane WA Newborn Photographer}

This session was from the end of this past summer- I was finally able to meet with Momma and show her the images. It actually made it pretty special, since baby is now 6 months old. She could hardly believe he was so tiny, not so long ago. This is exactly why newborn images are so important. In the haze of new mommyhood it is easy to forget just how small they start out in the world, and how quickly it passes. Especially in this little guy’s case, he was such a tiny little thing- born at

Go Seahawks! {Spokane, WA Photographer}

This is from a session awhile ago, but considering the Seattle Seahawks miraculous wins the last 2 weeks I just had to share.  Hopefully they can pull off another surprise, and beat the Chicago Bears tomorrow.  My husband already “theoretically” has the Hawks in the Super Bowl, so we’ll see if his theory can hold out.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun {Spokane WA Newborn Photographer}

Remember the old Wrigley gum commercials for Double Mint gum?  They would always have a set of twins in them- double your pleasure, double your fun with Double Mint gum.  Well I did my first set of twins recently, and that is what I kept thinking about.  Twins are definitely double a lot of things.  Lily and London were 2 weeks old at the time of their session.  It was amazing to me to see the difference in their personalities at such a young age.  Lily was the bigger of the two, and definitely