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20 Years {Spokane WA Photographer}

Last December I met Kathy at the Holiday Shopping Event.  Kathy is Miche Bag representative, a fun purse option.  If you haven’t seen them before definitely go check them out!  Kathy talked to me that night about doing some special portraits of her and her husband for their 20th anniversary coming up in the summer. This August they celebrated their 20th anniversary, so we got to meet back up and capture this amazing event in their lives.  They had also just gotten a new little puppy-

A Kitchen in a Field {Spokane WA Engagement Photographer}

I love tackling new ideas, new set ups, new ways of shooting….  Sometimes though it makes me a bit nervous doing it with a stranger that is coming to me for what they’ve already seen me do.  So, when I had this idea for a Stylized Lifestyle session I knew I wanted to work with someone that would totally trust me.  Who better than my sister and brother in law?! Amy and Robert got to spend the most of July with us here in Spokane before they began their long trek across the US to

Family- Bloom 52 {Spokane WA Engagement Photographer}

Can you believe it?  2 weeks in a row and I’m participating in the Bloom 52 Challenge!  This week’s theme is family, which is perfect because right now I’m in Seattle WA with a good chunk of my family- my little family of course, plus my parents, my sister and brother in law, another sister, and 2 of my brothers.  We aren’t all here but there is still a lot of us here!  Unfortunately, we just got here this afternoon, so no time for any pictures yet! However, on Tuesday

4 Years {Spokane, WA Couples Photographer}

You might remember Alexis from her Senior Pictures that I did last summer.  When I posted that I was looking for some couples to work with Alexis responded, and I readily agreed to a session with her and her boyfriend, Thor.  They have been together all through high school and wanted to be able to capture some images together before they leave for school in  the fall.  We had a lot of fun in Downtown Spokane visiting the famous Fox Theater, Bruttles Candy Shoppe, and a parking garage.  It was

What to Wear – Couples Edition {Spokane, WA Engagement Photographer}

It is time for another edition of What to Wear.  This segment is to help you prepare for you session.  I don’t expect you to go out and purchase the exact outfits I put together, although if you’d like to that is great too!  These are simply to provide some ideas.  You’ll notice the outfits I pick offer lots of texture, with pops of color.  These simple little things add a lot to your portraits.

2010 {Spokane, WA Photographer

First off a big thank you to everyone that braved the crazy Spokane roads and came out to see us at the Holiday Shopping Event last Friday. Congratulations to Katy Lindhag, from Discovery Toys, she won a free session, and wall print at the Shopping Night! I put together a couple slideshows to be able to play at my table.  I had such a great time looking back over the images that I captured for all my fabulous clients I just had to share!  Best of 2010 I love all my seniors so much I had to do

Max and Carrie {Spokane, Newport WA Wedding Photographer}

This past Saturday I had the honor to photograph my sister, Carrie and new brother-in-law, Max’s wedding. They chose the beautiful Clearwater Lodge in Newport, WA for their ceremony and reception. The lodge is located on Davis Lake, almost sitting down inside the hills. It was absolutely stunning there- the scenery was breath taking with the trees all in their autumn colors. Carrie had planned it perfectly, so that the colors of the wedding coordinated with the surroundings.

After Dark Portland {Spokane, WA Photographer}

I had the amazing honor to attend After Dark  Portland earlier this month.  If you are a photographer and you’ve never heard about After Dark I highly recommend you check it out.  This was my 1st photography workshop, and I must admit I was a little, maybe slightly, okay no really I was super nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect and just hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed.  I was far from disappointed, in fact my brain couldn’t even handle all the information I tried to

My Parents {Spokane, WA Photographer}

My parents were recently made the new Senior Pastors at their church, Zion Christina Center. One of the things the church asked them to do was to have their picture taken to be used on their website and at the church. Lucky for them they just happen to know a photographer! I don’t ever remember my parents having their photos taken, aside from at mine, my sister’s, and brother’s weddings. They looked great, and we couldn’t have asked for better light and