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Gorgeous Fall Family Photos in Spokane WA

When A Self-Timer Just Isn’t Good Enough

It is always a honor to be able to work with another photographer, but when that photographer is one of your best friends it is even more special!  In the fall my friend Ariana and I did a swap- I shot her family and she did mine.  Those self-timer shots just don’t cut it when you want a really great family photo.  I was excited to not only capture pictures of their whole family, but also to pictures of Ariana with each of her children.  Too often as Mom’s (and especially when

Family Pictures in the Snow in Spokane WA

Bring on the Cold

What to do in the winter?  If you’re like our family you spend more time indoors playing board games (our new favorite is Mexican Train dominoes!), wii (Just Dance Disney for some added activity!), watching movies, and just in general snuggling under blankets! It doesn’t mean all your portrait plans need to be put on hold!  If you missed my last post featuring the Robbs’ family snow session you don’t want to miss out!  The snow makes a beautiful backdrop and with all the

Family Pictures on a Flexible Flyer sled in Spokane WA

Family Fun in the Snow

Just after Christmas I got together with the Robbs family here to visit from the West side of the state.  Mom, Nickie is a photographer with ND Robbs, it is always a honor to work with another photographer and capture some fun memories of them with their kids.  Too often we’re the ones behind the camera, so to be in front of it is definitely a different experience. The kids were totally enamored with the snow, it isn’t something they see super often on the other side of the state.

Sweet Family Portraits in Spokane WA

The Sullivan Family

In early December I had the opportunity to work with the Sullivan family.  Todd is a local relator with 509 Properties.  We have known the Sullivans for a long time and I was excited to work with them.  Their girls, an adorable set of twins, are just too cute and full of personality.  We met up at a fun structure in downtown Spokane that I love for a fun little family mini session.  Just because it is Winter it doesn’t mean you have to put your portrait plans on hold!  There are so many

Beautiful Fall Images with couple and dog by Creatively Yours Photography

A Blast From the Past

I have known Tom and Michelle since I was a little girl, although I haven’t seen them in a long, long time!  I was so surprised and honored to have Michelle contact me to book one of my fall mini sessions.  She wanted to get some updated pictures of her and her husband with their dog, Zunne.  We had to re-schedule once due to some crazy weather, and it kept me on my toes the day of the session checking the forecast, but luckily the rain held off and we were able to do squeeze the session

Gorgeous Fall Family Pictures in Spokane WA

Sonneland Family Continued

For my Dad’s birthday this year he asked for updated pictures of all of us kids for his office.  Since the last round of pictures I had done of all of us kids we’ve added 2 babies, 1 husband, 1 soon to be husband, and all the other grandkids have gotten a LOT bigger so it was definitely due!  I have slowly been making my way through the family… with 7 of us kids it has taken a bit of time! Today’s blog post features pictures from brother Jesse’s family session with

Fall Family Pictures in Spokane WA

Dodged the Bullet… Again!

Welcome the Michielli family to the blog today!  The Michielli’s are another one of my fall mini sessions that dodged the weather bullet and for that I’m so very thankful.  Since August Mom, Tara and I have been talking about scheduling a family session for her family and have had a hard time working around schedules of her and her husband, and her older children.  So, to say that we needed the weather to cooperate was a bit of an understatement! Tara and I met about a year ago when

Beautiful Fall Family Pictures by Creatively Yours in Spokane WA

B is for Beautiful

And, also for the Barlos family, a beautiful family from the Spokane Valley.  Jenn is a hairstylist at Elixir Salon in Spokane and has been doing my kids hair and now mine.  She was also the stylist that worked with our 2012 Bright Light Winner for a deserving Senior to have their hair done before their senior pictures. They booked a Charlie Brown mini session special for some updated family pictures, as well as some new pictures of their daughter C.  A couple days prior to their session Jenn

Fall Senior pictures in the leaves Spokane WA

Fall Beautys!

Fall is here, and I love it!!!  I love the cooling air, pumpkin anything, fresh apples at Greenbluff, and of course the COLORS!  I adore the fall colors!  Fall is the perfect time for portraits of any kind- families, seniors, children, couples….  Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but it is the perfect time to have your portraits done in time for both Christmas cards and gifts and for yearbook deadlines. You can take advantage of the amazing Holiday Special going on right now.  You