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Rockstar Family… {Spokane WA Family Photographer}

Just a sneak peek! When I saw the theme for the Evoking You’s Photo Challenge was Urban I knew I had to post one from Staci’s family session.  Staci won the 500 fan giveaway over on Facebook the end of August.   When we started talking about her session I had the idea to do a very different session with her and her kiddos.  Their personalities were perfect for an inspiration I had been thinking of… a Rock Star Family Session.  Stay tuned for more from their from their session

Happy Mothers Day! {Spokane WA Photographer}

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Moms out there!!! In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I’d post just a couple images of representing some of the Mother’s I’ve been honored to have photographed. Mother’s will love you no matter the cost and without limits. Mother’s will always walk beside you no matter where the journey takes you. Mothers will stand beside you and will celebrate life’s most wonderful moments with you! Mother’s

Leadership- Bloom 52 {Spokane, WA Photographer}

This week’s theme with my Bloom group is Leadership, in honor of President’s day.  I must say I have completely stumped for quite awhile.  Of course, the first thing that came to mind was my husband- as he is the head or leader of our family.  Since he absolutely hates having his picture taken I thought it wasn’t going to work.  I kept thinking about leadship and this thought came to mind- “To walk a mile in your shoes” I’ve often heard this statement in

All in the Family {Spokane WA Family Photographer}

I can’t believe I’m finally sharing this session.  This was such a fun session for me to do, because it was my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  This was the first Christmas in awhile that the whole family had been in Spokane / Liberty Lake.  The girls both live down in sunny California and Brad is attending University of Washington.  My aunt decided the event needed to celebrated with a session.  It turns out they hadn’t any family photos done since the kids were pretty

The V Family {Spokane, WA Family Photographer}

So, last summer I finally made a switch to a new DDS- I had been complaining for years about the old office, and then throw in the almost 30 minute drive to get there, and I had finally had it. I found an office just 5 minutes from my parent’s house (hello, babysitting!), prefered with my insurance (no small feat!), and not too far from our house if babysitting wasn’t necessary. It was the trifecta I’m telling you! I go in for my first visit, and of course as soon as my

2010 {Spokane, WA Photographer

First off a big thank you to everyone that braved the crazy Spokane roads and came out to see us at the Holiday Shopping Event last Friday. Congratulations to Katy Lindhag, from Discovery Toys, she won a free session, and wall print at the Shopping Night! I put together a couple slideshows to be able to play at my table.  I had such a great time looking back over the images that I captured for all my fabulous clients I just had to share!  Best of 2010 I love all my seniors so much I had to do

Halloween Costume Contest {Spokane, WA Child Family Photographer}

Here it is the long awaited Halloween Costume Contest! Thank you so much to all the parents that submitted photos for the contest. It was so much fun to be able to read your short little stories about why you chose the costumes you did for your little ones! So, here we go…. THE RULES: 1) You can only vote here on the Blog, although I will be posting about the contest on facebook. 2) You can only vote 1x per day per IP address. This means even if you have 2 different computers, 2 different

31 {Spokane, WA Family, Children, Sr. Photographer}

Today is my 31st birthday! I know, shocking right?! Luckily birthdays don’t bug me. Last year when I turned 30 I think my family kept waiting for it to bother me. I just kept saying it felt right- we had just built our house, I have 2 kids, my own business,…. I am supposed to be 30! I feel the same way this year. In honor of my birthday I’m holding my own special celebration for all of you. Now through Monday, September 6th if you book a regular session your session fee

Old Friends {Spokane, WA Children’s Photographer, Family Photographer}

Kristina and I have known each other for about 20 years. We met through our churches, took ballet together, went to youth group together, went to camp together, and in typical high school form just hung out. We had lost touch for awhile- you know the typical going to collage, getting married, but still kept up on each other through other mutual friends. One year ago I took little baby Js newborn pictures. He was one of my first babies. Looking back on them now I can’t believe I took them.