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Let them Be Little {Spokane WA Children’s Photographer}

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is “Let Them Be Little” When I saw the theme I immediately thought of this picture of my two munchkins from last week.  We went out to do some pictures for Christmas Cards, before the snow and freezing temperatures arrive!  It always seems to me that shooting my own kids is the hardest.  I can get other people’s kids to listen and follow directions, but when it comes to your own it is a different story! Sometimes, you just have to

I Heart Faces- A Touch of Whimsy {Spokane WA Senior Photographer

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is a Touch of Whimsy. This shoot with Sara, a Senior at Lewis and Clark High school perfectly fits the theme for me.  For me the giant laugh, the bubbles, and setting are just whimsical.  I feel like I’ve transported to a special place where anything can happen.  I can’t wait to share the rest of her Senior session, hopefully later this week!  I hope you enjoy this little peek.  =) Spokane, WA Senior Photographer

I Heart Faces- Sunflare {Spokane, WA Senior Photographer}

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is sunflare.  Sometimes it is a happy accident, sometimes it is done on purpose, either way I love it!  It is the feeling that the sun is shining down on you in a special little burst.  This image is one of my favorites from last year’s Senior season.  Alexis, a Senior at Lewis and Clark High School, is getting ready to graduate this summer and will be heading off to Pullman to attend WSU.  She is such a sweet heart I know she will do amazing

I Heart Faces- Anything But a Face {Spokane, WA Photographer}

I Heart Faces is doing something different this week.  Typically all pictures entered have to have a face in them, this week is the exception to the rule.  Anything but a face is the name of the game.  The first image that came to mind was one from my recent shoot with Aubrey with her heart garland.  Since I’ve already shared it I wanted to do something different.  As I looked through my images I realized I still haven’t shared any of my images from our cruise we took in January. 

I Heart Faces- Red {Spokane WA Photographer}

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is Red in honor of Go Red for Women Month.  This picture is my little girl with her special Valentine outfit on, and her new red heart puppy she received for Valentines day.  My hope is that by the time she is my age that she won’t have to worry about heart disease.  I love the look of pure happiness with her arms stretched out celebrating the day.

I Heart Faces… Innocent Wonder {Spokane WA Photographer}

This week’s I Heart Faces theme is Innocent Wonder.  At first nothing jumped out to me, but I started looking through some of my past sessions.  When I saw this one of baby M and his Momma I knew this was the one I wanted to use.  I love the way Momma is looking down at M, full of wonder at his new life and all he has faced, and his innocence of all of that is around him.  You see M is was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 1 month old.  Since October they have spent most their time

I Heart Faces… Smiles {Spokane, WA Senior Photographer}

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is Smiles.  Talk about a tough choice!  I love how a smile can say so many things- a look of pure joy, a glimpse of the personality, a hint at a secret, or a laugh held back.  This image is defintitely a look or pure joy.  I took this at a Friend session, something special I offer for a group of friends.  This group was 6 Seniors celebrating their Senior Year.    It was one my most fun and favorite sessions.  If you would like to see some more Smiles head

Max and Carrie's Wedding

I Heart Faces… Best Face of 2010 Wedding Style

The I Heart Faces challenge this week was for the best face. The first thing I thought of was Aubrey at Halloween, and her silly “Pirate” smile. I share her a lot, so I decided to go another route. One of my favorite sessions this year was getting to do my sister’s wedding. This picture was easily one of my favorites, but yet one I haven’t shared yet because of the emotion there. Yes, they are there, but the bouquet making a barrier between them and the camera

I Heart Faces- Pink

This week’s I Heart Faces Challenge is Pink in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The challenge- simply any picture that has pink in it and a face.  This adorable little girl was just 6 weeks old at her session.  If you’d like to see more pink head over to I Heart Faces.