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My World / Your World Double Feature {Spokane, WA Photographer}

I can’t believe I’ve fallen a bit behind in posting my My World / Your World images with my 4 the Love of Focus ladies. Week 11’s theme was RED So, I’ve shared my obsession with purses, here is another one of my obsessions. I love nail polish! And, not just any polish- OPI polish. I’ve worked at 2 different beauty supply and salon’s and that is where I discovered this lovely addiction. I love the colors, the way I feel with freshly done toes, and when I

My World / Your World- Week 8 {Spokane WA Photographer}

This week’s theme in my 52 week project with the ladies at 4 the Love of Focus is: WEATHER I didn’t think I was going to end up with any interesting our weather here has been kind of blah, typical February gloominess.  Well, apparently Mother Nature didn’t think that was much fun.  Tuesday night- Wednesday morning we got a storm through and ended up with about 12-15 inches of snow dumped on us.  I really didn’t appreciate it!  Although it sure is pretty coming down from

My World / Your World- Week 7

MOTIVATION Another week gone by another installment of My World / Your World with my fabulous partner Stephanie Tanner at Little Face Photography, and the equally fabulous ladies at 4 the Love of Focus.  This week’s theme was motivation, and it was a harder one for me.  I had a hard time getting motivated (haha… I’m so funny.  😉  for this one.  It might have something to do with taking care of my husband, who is still recovering from surgery, taking one trip to the peditrician

My World / Your World – Week 6 {Spokane WA Photographer}

It is time for another edition of my weekly project with the ladies over at 4 the Love of Focus.  This week’s theme was shadows.  I decided to take a very different approach to the theme.  While many of the ladies captured the shadow of an object I chose to photograph my shadow- my daughter.  Over the last almost 3 years I have had an almost constant companion.  She is forever wanting up, snuggles, loves, to do whatever I’m doing, and to watch up close and personal when I work on

My World / Your World- week 4 {Spokane WA Photographer}

Black and White It is time for another edition of My World /Your World with my girls over at 4 the Love of Focus.  This week’s theme was black and white.  I had great intentions to do something creative, but I think my brain and body still thought they were on vacation.  I ended up going with a black and white image.  I took this one in Costa Maya, Mexico while we were on our cruise.  One of my favorite things about our trip was being able to capture some beautiful images.  My partner

My World Your World- Week 3 {Spokane, WA Photographer}

Obsession Last week both my partner and I were out of town, so we are just now getting around to sharing our images for our project with the gals over at 4tlof.  The theme this last week was obsession.  It didn’t take long for me to realize what I needed to take a picture of this week.    There aren’t too many things I would say I am truly obsessed with- one though is defiitely purses.  I LOVE purses!  I’m pretty particular about them, which is a good thing since if I

My World / Your World- Week 2 {Spokane WA Photographer}

It is week 2 for my project with the ladies over at 4 the Love of Focus. Each week we are assigned a theme for us to photograph. Then myself, and my partner- the fabulous Stephanie at Little Face Photography- share our images and our view on the word. This week’s theme GUILT As I thought of this theme I had several different thoughts- one was something that I feel guilt over, and another was a guilty pleasure. I chose to go with a guilty pleasure, well for me that was an easy one. ICE

My World / Your World… Week 1 {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

The Ladies at 4 the Love of Focus recently put together a challenge for us.  Something to stretch us as photographers to think creatively, and also so we could get to know one another better.  So here is what we’re doing… it is called My World / Your World.  We all randomly signed up and were paired with the next person to sign up.  Each week we’re given a word, or a theme.  We can interrupt the theme however we would like and then each pair will share their images