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Baby E {Spokane WA Baby Photographer}

I’m excited to show off Baby E’s newborn portraits.  At 2 weeks new, Baby E made me work a bit to get her cooperation,  but in the end I won out.  Congratulations again to Mom and Dad!  I hope you enjoy your new portraits! Spokane WA Photographer

Little C {Spokane WA Newborn Photographer}

This session was from the end of this past summer- I was finally able to meet with Momma and show her the images. It actually made it pretty special, since baby is now 6 months old. She could hardly believe he was so tiny, not so long ago. This is exactly why newborn images are so important. In the haze of new mommyhood it is easy to forget just how small they start out in the world, and how quickly it passes. Especially in this little guy’s case, he was such a tiny little thing- born at

Little C {Spokane, WA Newborn Baby Photographer}

Little C arrived 3 weeks early, and is just 10 days old. He was so tiny that even some of my newborn props were too big for him! He was an absolute doll, and even though he decided to stay awake for most the session he was totally cooperative and let us get some great shots. Since Momma isn’t on facebook I decided to put up one image now for just a little peek for her. Stay tuned for more of Little C’s session, but for now enjoy!

What to Wear- Baby Girl Edition

One of the questions I’m always asked when I’m scheduling a session for a baby is what to bring for them to wear. If baby is under 6 months old most of the time I’ll tell them really not to worry about it. I love doing babies naked or just in a diaper. When they are that tiny often times clothes tend to swallow them up. You don’t get to see all their teeny tiny features, because they are masked by clothing. This doesn’t mean of course that there will be no fun with

Miss K {Spokane, WA Newborn Photographer}

Little Miss K was the winner of our most recent Fresh Faces contest. She was such a sweet heart, and I got in lots of snuggles trying to get her to sleep. Luckily persistance paid off and after getting some adorable shots with her Mom and Dad we were able to back outside and get some of her in all her cuteness in the fields. Thank you Caty and Derek for allowing me the honor of photographing your little girl!

Preparations {Spokane, WA Newborn Photographer}

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby, such an amazing time! I remember getting ready for his arrival. Although I didn’t even know he was a he, and for me it made it even more exciting. I seemed like everday someone was giving me some sort of advice. One of the little tips someone gave me was to start buying diapers while I was still pregnant, not just a pack or two of newborns, but to really buy a lot in different sizes. I think I start at about 30 weeks I’d buy a pack