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Women's Glamour Photography

3 Generations

I had the pleasure of working the Blackerby/Holzer Women recently.  This session was part of the Real Women, Real Beauty project.  The women joined me in my studio for a fun afternoon filled with makeup (by Shasta Hankins), clothes, accessories, and of course my camera.  Grandma Karen, Mom Amy, and the Girls- Alysia, Peyton, and Maylea celebrated their inner and outer beauty capturing this amazing time in their lives. As we were going through the session, I showed Alysia a picture of her I had

Studio Image of Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter Love

I’m so excited to get to share with you another one of my Real Women, Real Beauty sessions, another Mother/Daughter combo! Chynna and Michelle came to me via the ever amazing Shasta Hankins. Yes, Shasta did the makeup for this session as well. I seriously cannot recommend her enough! Each session she makes everyone feel totally relaxed as well as beautiful. I love getting to work with these Mother/Daughter combos just because I know that so often we don’t get the quality time

Before and After Women's Photography

Erika… Real Women, Real Beauty

Erika is an amazing women- mother to seven, homeschooling mother, real estate agent with Keller Williams, an amazing cook, and so many other things.  You can bet that she doesn’t get a lot of time to herself, much less get the chance to get her picture taken. When Erika came in for her session she was treated to having her makeup done by Shasta Hankins, a Freelance Makeup artist, adult conversation (because all moms know that alone is worth its weight in gold!), help styling her clothes,

Introducing for the Very First Time….

This is brand new type of session that I’ve begun offering.  I’ve been so humbled by the response to these sessions.  It has been amazing experience shooting with these Women, Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Sisters.  It is hard to describe these sessions , because more than anything it is about an emotion. Too often as women, especially as I’ve become a Mother, we’re so inundated by media about what society considers beautiful that we forget that they are all too