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Lucy- Class of 2012 {Mead WA Senior Pictures}

It is time to share another one of my Senior Models Senior shoots.  This session features Lucy! You may remember Lucy both from her model shoot (where we made a stop at the train tracks), and the recent post about her little mishap during her session.  If you haven’t read about her Trip in the Mud you’ll definitely want to take a peek!  =)  For Lucy’s session we started down at The Bing Theater.  The Bing is special to Lucy, because this is where all her Christian Youth

Sarah- Class of 2012 {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

Sarah is another one of my Senior Models for the Class of 2012, so you might recognize her from her Model post.   Once again Sarah blew me away.  She was so easy to work with and so much fun to be with!  As we talked about her session, and what she was wanting to get from her session she mentioned a Taylor Swift photo shoot she had seen in People Magazine.  I found the images she was talking about and instantly knew we had to re-create it for her.  With the help of my 2 munchkins we armed

A Trip in the Mud {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

Tuesday evening was a typical Senior session with Lucy and her mom Terri.  We were at the Finch Arboretum for the second part of her session, and we’re moving from one spot to another when Lucy asked about getting a shot in this little man made creek.  I mean this thing is tiny, I don’t really know what to describe it as.  I said sure, that sounded like fun, and was a shot that I had never done before.  We could see the bottom, it was a maybe about 3 inches deep.  I suggested we

Bright Light Award- Class of 2012 {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

You also click HERE for a submission form to nominate your Bright Light The fine print- Family of employees of Creatively Yours, Finders Keepers, Diva’s, and Shasta Hankins are not eligible to win. Session must take place prior to August 31st, 2011 in Spokane WA. All entries subject to review.

Friends Forever {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

A few months ago I did a giveaway for a friends session.  These sessions have become super popular with the high school students.  Maddie’s name was drawn for the free session, so she got to choose 4 of her friends to join for a fun shoot.  We opted to travel over to Coeur d’Alene.  It took awhile to get a day that both the weather and the girl’s schedules cooperated for, but it was worth the wait! Friend sessions are the perfect way to commemorate the friendships of high

I Heart Faces- A Touch of Whimsy {Spokane WA Senior Photographer

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is a Touch of Whimsy. This shoot with Sara, a Senior at Lewis and Clark High school perfectly fits the theme for me.  For me the giant laugh, the bubbles, and setting are just whimsical.  I feel like I’ve transported to a special place where anything can happen.  I can’t wait to share the rest of her Senior session, hopefully later this week!  I hope you enjoy this little peek.  =) Spokane, WA Senior Photographer

LC Prom- part 2 {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

So, today’s guest is no stranger to the blog.  Dani has become one of my favorite girls of 2011.  I first met her back in August of last year when I did her Senior portraits, in October I did a BFF session with Dani and her friends, then she modeled for me back in March for my Rock Your Frock shoot, then just last month she sent her cousin’s little girl to me. When I announced that I was going to be giving away a free prom session I wasn’t surprised at all that Dani was one of

Bethany- Class of 2012 {Mead WA Senior Photographer

Meet Bethany- she is a member of the class of 2012 at Mount Spokane High School.  Bethany might look familiar from her Senior Model session.  We met up again for her Senior Session a couple weeks ago.  After talking about Bethany was wanting we decided to head downtown and then out the Barn and field.  We had a lot of fun creating her session and in-cooperating lots of aspects of who she is.  One of the things she was most excited about were the shots in the field with her viola.  I am in love