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3rd Times the Charm

Yep, this is the 3rd session I’ve done with my brother Isaiah, a member of the class of 2012!  He had his first session with my class of 2012 Model shoot over a year ago in the Spring.  The next session we did was last August.  I’ll admit we kind of threw it together fast, which sometimes works out, but that time it just didn’t as much.  I decided we needed to try again and we needed to have someone else come with him to help him relax.  I highly recommend bringing a friend

Spokane WA Senior Pictures Award

The Bright Light Award 2012

I’ve partnered with Finders Keepers, Shasta Hankins, and Jenn Barlos at Elixir Salon all in Spokane WA to bring one local Class of 2013 Senior an amazing portrait experience.  To nominate a senior to receive the Award simply click HERE  

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Top 10 Countdown for Senior Picture Tips

10. Drink plenty of water prior to your session. It is the best thing you can do for your skin to get your photo ready! 9. Stay out of the sun and away from the bugs for a day or so before your session. Yes, I know photoshop can take a lot of those things away, but it won’t totally solve the problem. It is best to just stay away. 8. Get a good night sleep the nights before. No one wants to see a tired senior! Those bags under the eyes aren’t doing anyone any favors. 7. Make sure to

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Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Isaac is a member of the Class of 2013 and is friends with my brother Isaiah. They make quite the pair. My brother stands at 6’4″ currently, which when compared to myself at a mere 5’2″ makes him seem even bigger than he is! Well, I was in for a shock when I met Isaac and found out he tops Isaiah at 6’5″. Let me just say I was standing on my tippy toes shooting these two quite a bit! lol If you’ve seen my senior website recently you’ll notice that

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One Day Booking Sale!!!!

Get Ready! Thursday, June 28th all session fees will be 50% off! That’s right you can book your family, children’s, and engagement sessions for just $50! Seniors your session fee on Thursday, June 28th is only $75! Plus the first 5 people to book their session will receive a free mobile app with their images!

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But I Homeschool….

Is a thing I hear quite frequently regarding school pictures and even senior pictures. I know that quite often the focus of senior pictures is on getting that one yearbook picture, but that isn’t really what it is all about. Senior pictures are to document an amazing time and accomplishment in your life. They capture who you are as you are about to embark on in a new journey in life. Homeschooling isn’t an excuse to just ignore it. I was homeschooled all the way from 1st grade

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She’s a Little Bit Country…

She’s a Little Bit Rock and Roll! Felicia is a member of Shadle High School’s class of 2014. She was able to join me for the Class of 2013 Model Shoot. It is never too early to get signed up to be a Senior Model. The Class of 2014 is going to be a HUGE one, so if you’re wanting to join the model team it is better to get your application in sooner vs. later! I was in love with Felicia as soon as I met her- her adorable personality, gorgeous blonde hair with pink tips, the

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Dresses, and Boots, and Girls, Oh My!

Joy is another one of my Class of 2013 Senior Models. She hails from Shadle Park High School, which I’m super excited about since she is the first girl I’ve worked with from Shadle. Joy, I quickly realized is a sweet heart and definitely lives up to her name! She was one of the other girls that joined me for the Senior Model Shoot a few weeks ago. I always tell all the girls to bring as much clothing as they want. I tell them to bring their whole closets if they want. I had

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It is All About the Shoes!

Alicia, is one of my Senior Models for the Class of 2013 from Lewis and Clark High School.  She was able to participate in my recent senior model shoots.  I think one of the biggest advantages to being a senior model is being able to take part in the model shoots.  They are a great way to “practice” for your senior session.  It helps the senior get more comfortable in front of the camera, and it helps me prepare even more for your senior session.  Plus,  you get even more images to