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Congratulations to the Fab 14!

Every year Spokane celebrates the Lilac Festival with the Torchlight Parade in May. One of the biggest parts of the parade is the Royal Court. The Court consists of 4 Princesses and 1 Queen, all High School Seniors, who are all outstanding citizens, with excellent GPAs, and just exceptional people. The process to becoming a member of the Royal Court is not an easy one. For many girls in Spokane it is a life long dream to be on the Royal float through the parade. I know I always dreamed about

Janae- Class of 2012 {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

Janae attends North Central High School and will graduate with the Class of 2012. I love it when I have a client that tells me that they’ve been looking for a long time for a photographer to take their pictures, and then they found me and knew I was the right one.  Makes my heart happy, and that is exactly what Janae told me at her session.  She had spent so long looking for the right person to capture her senior pictures that we were running a bit short on time before her yearbook photo

Isaiah- Class of 2012

Although you would never guess it to look at him, Isaiah is actually my younger brother.  What you don’t believe me, why not?  Is it the blue eyes, the blonde hair, the fact that he is 6’4″ and I’m a mere 5’2″????    He has been patiently waiting for me to finish up his gallery… oh the joys of being the photographer’s family.  You get pushed to the bottom of the wait list.  So, even though we did his pictures back in August I am finally just got

Linnea- Class of 2012 {Cheney WA Senior Photographer}

Linnea attends Cheney High School, which someday (WAY off in the future is where my kids will most likely attend high school)  Since Cheney doesn’t allow props of any kind in year book pictures I knew we’d have to be a little more creative.  No fun furniture, her flute, or anything else.  It all worked out perfectly though, not that I was too terribly worried about it.  😉 We started out at the Finch Arboretum…. I always love coming here, because there is so much scenery to use

Miranda- Class of 2012 {Newport WA Senior Pictures}

Miranda came to see me all the way from Newport, WA where she attends Newport, WA High School and plays basketball for them.  I felt so honored that they chose to drive over a hour just to see me.  When we scheduled Miranda’s session back in July it was still pretty cool, and everyone was wondering if we would ever see real Summer weather.  Fast forward to just over a week ago, and we had our hottest day of the year the day of her session.  It was 90+ degrees and it felt like a 100+

Jennifer- Class of 2012 {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE seniors?!  I mean whenever I do a senior session I feel like part of me comes alive!  I so enjoy getting to know each senior I work with.  I love finding out what makes each one special, who they are, and what they want to capture.  I don’t believe in cookie cutter senior portraits. Jennifer is a member of the class of 2012 at Roger’s High school in north Spokane, and her session was no exception!  When I got her questionnaire back and she told

Senior Express Sessions {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

Are you running short on time or money and still need your Senior pictures done? Creatively Yours Senior‘s Express Sessions are the answer! What is an Express Session? The Senior Express session is for those of you that are only looking for a couple quick shots, and to purchase a few gift prints (8x10s and under). Sessions will take place at 1 location and includes 1 clothing change. These will work a little bit different than the Basic and Ultimate Sessions. The session fee is built into

Sara C- Class of 2012 {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

You may recognize Sara from her Senior Model post.  She is another member of the class of 2012, and will be graduating from Lakeside High School in Nine Mile Falls, WA.  As we chatted before her session we came up with a game plan.  The day of her session she showed with a huge pile of clothes for us to go through, plus her cheerleading jacket.  Sara is one of the co-captains for her cheerleader squad this year, so the jacket was a must.  We started out at one of my favorite spots- The Finch

Silhouette {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

I’m back for another round with all the amazing women in my group on the Bloom Forum. This week’s theme is Silhouette’s. This silhouette was done during Sara’s Senior session.  It was the first time I’ve ever been able to capture one during a session- timing the light and getting up a bit higher were definitely the keys. To see more silhouettes you can hop through our blog circle, starting with Lynn Demaray Photography, an Iowa Lifestyle Photographer Spokane, WA