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Selective Focus- Bloom 52 {Spokane WA Childrens Photographer

Hooray! I managed to fit in another week participating in the Bloom 52 group! This week’s theme was “selective focus”. What might you ask does this mean? Well, here is how I interpreted it… I had a choice when I shot this image of my cutie. I could have both her and her lolli in focus (and trust me I got lots of those too! ūüėČ ) or I could creatively interpret what I saw. So with this theme in mind I shot the frame so that the lolli was in focus with her peeking out

See Your Face in Lights {Spokane WA Photographer}

Well, okay not exactly in lights, but on my website! I’m looking to update my portfolio in a couple areas, and am offering a free session and print (8×10 and under) to anyone that helps me out with these sessions.¬† You must be a new client, or at least not currently featured on the website to qualify. So, who am I looking for? Junior and Senior guys. A Junior or Senior that is a drummer- guy or girl as long as you have access to a drum set that you are willing to bring to the

Bloom 52- Light and Dark {Spokane WA Photographer}

This week’s theme with the girls in my Bloom Forum group is Light and Dark. Light and Dark, black and white, it brought to mind one of my husband’s favorite treats. Oreos and Milk.¬† =) And, bummer for me since he isn’t here to eat them for me I guess I’m going to have to eat them now.¬† I can’t let them go to waste can I? To see more Light and Dark images hop on over Karen Leslie’s blog and then hop your way through our little blog circle. Spokane, WA

My World / Your World- Week 2 {Spokane WA Photographer}

It is week 2 for my project with the ladies over at 4 the Love of Focus. Each week we are assigned a theme for us to photograph. Then myself, and my partner- the fabulous Stephanie at Little Face Photography- share our images and our view on the word. This week’s theme GUILT As I thought of this theme I had several different thoughts- one was something that I feel guilt over, and another was a guilty pleasure. I chose to go with a guilty pleasure, well for me that was an easy one. ICE

After Dark Portland {Spokane, WA Photographer}

I had the amazing honor to attend After Dark ¬†Portland earlier this month.¬† If you are a photographer and you’ve never heard about After Dark I highly recommend you check it out.¬† This was my 1st photography workshop, and I must admit I was a little,¬†maybe¬†slightly, okay no really I was super¬†nervous.¬† I didn’t know what to expect and just hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed.¬† I was far from disappointed, in fact my brain couldn’t even handle all the information I tried to

Hello world!

I finally decided to make the big leap! Welcome to the new home of Creatively Yours Photography’s blog.¬† I hope you like what you see and enjoy all the new images and things to come!

After Dark {Spokane, WA Photographer}

Today is the big day!I’m leaving town and leaving my babies for the first time! I’m heading to Portland for After Dark, a photography workshop. Lucky me though it was much cheaper to head down on Saturday, than on Sunday, so I get to spend some time with my little sister and brother in law Saturday before the workshop begins on Sunday afternoon! I must admit I am a wee bit nervous- nervous about leaving them, nervous about all the fabulous photographers I will be around, and nervous

I Went Big, and I’m Never Going Back! {Spokane, WA Photographer}

It’s here, it’s here! My gallery wrap canvas arrived yesterday, and I’m in love! This was my first time getting a large print, and a canvas, and I must admit I don’t know what took me so long. I got a 30×20, which I know sounds huge, especially to those of us (and note I said, us ’cause I’m including myself) who always stuck with our friend the 8×10, but in reality it is not. You can see from the images below it really is not as large as one would