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Creatively Yours- Spring Model Contest

Are you ready? I am, running a little behind due to a SLOW internet connection this morning, but I’m here now! Let’s get the contest started! It is time to vote! Here are the rules one more time: 1. Only ONE vote per person per day on our Facebook Fan Page ( is permitted. Come back each day, choose the one photo you are voting for, and leave a comment underneath the image. Your comment may be as simple as “My vote!”. You

{It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood} Family Photographer Spokane, WA

I’ve lived my whole life in Spokane, and never can I remember a winter like this one, and technically it is still winter! Yesterday was a beautiful 59 degrees, sunny, and just a slight breeze. A perfect day to be outside! So, outside we went. I got the joy of taking the S Family’s pictures at the beautiful Arboretum. Although it was a bit chilly at first for these Arizona transplants as the sun came up it got a bit warmer, and we all had a lot of fun. I can’t wait for

Senior Picture Reps, Spokane, Washington

I’m really excited about my Senior Rep program that I’m starting up. This will be my first year offering the program for our local Juniors. If you want all the detail click on the link above for Senior Reps for 2011. It is starting to fill up, so if you’re interested now is the time to fill out your application. Reps will be chosen on March 1st, so you have just a couple more weeks to add your name. Here is a sample of one of the cool extras all my reps will receive.

Family Photos

On Saturday, October 18th, Sunday, November 1st, and Saturday, November 14th I’m having a family photo days. Schedule your family photos on either of these days and get a Christmas card designed for free (a $10 value). I’m offering 2 different sessions- either a hour session for only $60 or a half hour session for only $40. In October, and maybe on the 1st still, there will be some amazing pictures to be taken in the leaves. I’m bringing a rake, and thinking some great shots


Sometimes I am amazed at the randomness in life. The other day while standing in line in the Nordstrom’s kid’s shoe department I ended up meeting a Dad and his son. The dad was telling the sales person assisting me about the clothes she had helped him find. Than said he had another random question, and nodded over at me as well saying to feel free to offer any imput I had. He than went on to explain he wanted to get some pictures done of his son while he was in town,

Wow, Here I am!!

So, this is my first attempt at blogging. I want this to be a place where you can come, and see what I’m up to with both my growing photography skills and Stampin’ Up. I see these two easily merging together by creating one of a kind works of art using my photos. I love doing invitations of all kinds… birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, weddings…. any kind of card, photo displays, home decor. It is amazing what you can do with some paper and little time!For