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What to Wear- Senior Guy Edition {Spokane, WA Senior Pictures}

Senior Guys- here are a couple ideas for your upcoming photo sessions. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Maybe a tie is not quite your style, but try it loosed and messy and it is a totally different look! The key is layers, textures, and YOU! Don’t let anyone convince you to wear something you wouldn’t normally. Let who you are be what your pictures are all about!

What to Wear- Family Edition {Spokane, WA Photographer}

Welcome to a new series I’m starting:What to Wear Without fail one of the questions I always get before a session is, “What should I wear?”I truly believe that one the most important things to consider next to who your photographer is, and where your portraits are being done at, is what to wear. Your clothing can make an okay portrait into an amazing one. Without even realizing it you’ll be drawn to pictures with textures, layers, certain colors, etc. Your textures can