Adventures in a Field

Have you ever brainstormed for months, finally come up with an idea, had to sit on it for 2+ months, and then had the success of it hinge on a 6.5 year old and a 4.5 year old….  enough to make you cringe right?  That is precisely what happened to me as I tried to come up with an idea for my kiddos new portraits.  I finally came up with an idea and then went in search of someone to help me out with making an amazing prop.  I approached Caty with Made With Love by Caty.  She is a former client of mine who I know loves to craft and create cute things for babies in particular.  She created this amazing teepee featured in the images below for me.  The kids loved it, I loved it, and I’m sure clients in the future will love it as well!  We set out into the fields for a little adventure with our teepee, a family heirloom quilt, an old lattern, and some vintage suitcases.  I directed the kids where to sit to get where I could best see them and then they just took it from there.  I love that it perfectly captures their relationship.  They are each others best friends and love each other so much.  My daughter is forever the ham and loves to make her brother laugh.


You may notice that there aren’t any of my girlie by herself… since we did a another whole little set for her I want to share some her’s separately.

Sweet Brother and Sister Images in Spokane WAAdorable Sibiling Pictures in Spokane WAFun Pictures of a Little Boy in Spokane WASweet Vintage Set up for Family PicturesSee What I mean about the silliness?  I always tell my clients that part of getting their children’s pictures done is about capturing their personality… see I’m living what I tell you!  They are some of my favorites.  And, yes in the second one they are giving each other Eskimo kisses.  heheheSilly Brother and Sister Pictures in Spokane WASpokane WA LIttle Boy Pictures in a teepeeFun Pictures of Brother and Sister with a teepee in Spokane WAHandsome Little Boy pictures in Spokane WA

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