My Pirates {Spokane, WA Children’s Photographer}

Months ago my son decided he wanted to be a pirate, all so he could get this pirate gun he saw at a party store.  He begged and pleaded to get it, promising me he would be a pirate for Halloween if that meant he could get the gun.  I finally caved, after all it was only $4 and even if he changed his mind I was sure he’d get our money’s worth out of it.  Then I had the great idea to dress them both as pirates.  Aubrey had just started making this face all the time, and it quickly became known as her pirate face.  She squints one eye up and then smiles- trust me you’ll be able to spot it!  Only problem was she was bound and determined that she was going to be a princess.  Finally I convinced her she could be a pirate princess, and we were good to go.  For the last week or so we’ve been working on pirate phrases- her favorite is, “Argh, me Mateys!”- adorable when accompanied with the “pirate face”.   I’m so glad I was able to convince them, because they were the cutest pirates I’ve ever seen.

If you have some cute pictures of you kids from Halloween, and would like to win a free family session with me, plus a print you’ll definitely want to check out this post for all the details.

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