My World / Your World – Week 6 {Spokane WA Photographer}

It is time for another edition of my weekly project with the ladies over at 4 the Love of Focus.  This week’s theme was shadows.  I decided to take a very different approach to the theme.  While many of the ladies captured the shadow of an object I chose to photograph my shadow- my daughter.  Over the last almost 3 years I have had an almost constant companion.  She is forever wanting up, snuggles, loves, to do whatever I’m doing, and to watch up close and personal when I work on something.  When I went to a photography workshop this past September it was actually the first time we had ever been apart over night, or even more than about 8 hours!

So, here she is- my shadow- Aubrey!  If you head over to my partner in crime’s blog- Stephanie will tell you a bit about her take on this week’s theme.

If you’d like to see more of this week’s theme you can catch up with Janet Powers an Arroyo Grande, CA Photographer


Spokane, WA Photographer

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