Playful {Spokane, WA Children’s Photographer}

This week’s theme with my Bloom 52 project with the ladies over on the Bloom forum is-


Of course when I thought of playful I thought of my children playing, more specifically my son.  He has an amazing imagination and is constantly making up some story line for himself.  He recently started watching dvds of the original Transformers cartoons from the 80’s.  He is obsessed with all things Transformers.  Since he doesn’t have very many of actual Transformer toys yet he has made all of his other toys into Transformers.  He stands them all on their ends, and pretends away.  My favorite part of all of it is hearing the sounds that accompany the play.  He has all the Transformer sounds down pat…. in fact if you look closely at the images he can see his lips and tell he is making some kind of sound.

This theme fit wonderfully with my new goal of taking more fun, casual pictures of my kids.  I have gotten bad at only taking pictures when I have the perfect set up, light, clothes, etc.  I realized the other day that these images, while fun and I definitely love them, won’t capture entirely who they are when I look back at them 10 years from now.  It is the pictures like these that will remind me of who they are.

Spokane WA Children

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Spokane, WA Children’s Photographer

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  • OK, how fun are these?! I can totally tell your adorable little guy has a great imagination – I kind of wish there was accompanying video so we could hear the sound effects. 😉ReplyCancel

  • This made me smile because my husband has his Transformers collection from his childhood that he will not let our boys play with because he’s afraid they’ll break them. Guess boys never grow up! Those casual moments do make the best photos and are the ones you’ll truly treasure. Really like these!ReplyCancel

  • Awe, I love this! What great pictures to document his love of playing at this age! They change so fast, its awesome that we are able to capture our kids doing what they love! :)ReplyCancel

  • Great images for playful. I loved the original Transformers cartoons!ReplyCancel

  • little boys are the best. heart, melt.ReplyCancel

  • This is such a familiar scene at my house. I can really relate. I love my boys and how the can disappear in a world of their own making. Precious memories! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Love the storyboard effect you created & your perspective on these is great! He looks really involved in playing!ReplyCancel

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