Why Choose Us?


I am a relational photographer. I’m not there to just photograph an event, but your relationship. Your wedding is a day to celebrate relationships – bride and groom, parents, your bridal party…everyone is there because they have a relationship with you. I want you to be able to look back through your photographs and re-live the emotions of the day. You should feel the anticipation all over again as you look through the getting ready photos, during that First Look moment – the joy as you saw each other for the first time that day, and of course the love. When you look back 10 years later, to remember what that young love felt like.

My style is classically creative, soft, and romantic. I love creating artistic shots as well as trying something new and fun with each client, though I’ll always be sure to get the classic smiling-at-the-camera shots as well.  The colors of my imagery tend to be warm, soft (my style isn’t bright poppin’ colors), and true to real life. While I love editing and Photoshop, I always try to ensure everything remains natural and beautiful, just like your wedding day.



I am a relational photographer.  I will always be sure to get the photos of you and your loved ones smiling at the camera, but I’ll also get the fun photo that represents who your family is.  My favorite photos are almost always the ones where everyone is looking at each other laughing, tickling, playing with the family.  Those are the moments, especially as a Mom that I want to capture.  That is what I want to remember about my family!  I also think it is important that you get the photo of Mom and Dad by themselves.  As a child I know that photo is important to me.  I love having it and I think Mom and Dad deserve it!