A Kitchen in a Field {Spokane WA Engagement Photographer}

I love tackling new ideas, new set ups, new ways of shooting….  Sometimes though it makes me a bit nervous doing it with a stranger that is coming to me for what they’ve already seen me do.  So, when I had this idea for a Stylized Lifestyle session I knew I wanted to work with someone that would totally trust me.  Who better than my sister and brother in law?!

Amy and Robert got to spend the most of July with us here in Spokane before they began their long trek across the US to Philadelphia, PA.  Robert is going to be attending the University of Philadelphia getting his PhD.  I had thought about doing a session with them before they left since I’m not sure when they’ll be back in the summer (Christmas time here isn’t always the best time to plan on taking pictures!).  One of Amy and Robert’s favorite things to do is to cook and bake together.  So, this was right up their ally.  I gave a few directions, but then  told them just to relate with each other the way they typically would once we got the ball rolling they had a great time with it.

A special thanks to Kara, at Epiphany Floral for providing our touch of yellow- love Sunflowers!

Our evening came to a close with a little food fight! We all had so much fun, by the end I don’t know who was laughing harder myself, my sister, or my brother-in-law!

The End.:)

Spokane WA Engagement Photographer

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