Family Pictures

For Christmas this year I wanted to do something a little bit different for my parents. Since all of us kids had been homeschooled, and money was tight my parents never had very many portraits done of all us. Well, that coupled with the fact that when we were young sister #2 was always INCREDIBLY accident prone, and whenever my mom would schedule an appoinment she would inevitably fall and hurt her face.

So I decided I would get portraits of everyone. Those of us that were married with our families, and the rest by themselves. It was a feat getting it all done, but we succeeded in not only getting them all done, but totally surprising my mom come Christmas morning.

Here we all are featured youngest to oldest- My siblings: Johnny, Isaiah, Victoria, Carrie, Amy and her husband Robert, Jesse with his wife Allison and kiddos Eleanor and Josiah, and me with Steve, and kiddos Riley and Aubrey.

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