Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Who wants to have some fun this summer? If you’re like me summer is fun, but can be a bit overwhelming trying figure out what to do to keep the kids busy. Going to the park is great, but something else fun and different is always good too!

A couple years ago the kids and I took part in an scavenger hunt with an on-line group. It was a picture scavenger hunt and 2 summers later my kids still talk about it! So, I had the idea to put together one for families in the greater Spokane area to have some fun this summer!

I’m sure you’re wondering how it works right? Well, here is go it is going to go. The hunt will start July 1st, 2012 and you will have all month to work on finding the things on your list. Some things will be very easy to find, just around your house. Other things will encourage different activities to do with your children- make s’mores, go to the park, run through the sprinklers, … Then there will be things that you will have to go hunt for, maybe you’ll find them at the mall, Target, …. You won’t have to buy these things just find them and take a picture of them!

Any skill level of picture is welcome- camera phones, instagram, a point and shoot, a fancy DSLR, even a kid’s camera. Both my kids have cameras that they have and love to use, so I’m thinking this will be fun for them learn to use them more. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll review a couple cameras if you’re interested in getting something new.:)

I’ll be creating a group on facebook for anyone that would like to join can be on to ask questions, share your pictures, maybe even plan some get togethers to work on your hunt with friends. More details will be coming soon via email for anyone that signs up to participate.

There is a $10 charge per family to join the fun, payable via paypal. The money will be used to buy prizes for everyone (Kids and Moms both!). I’m also going to be trying to get some local businesses to donate prizes for the hunt as well. I’ll be giving away a free mini session! I hope you’ll spread the word and get your friends to join us. I’d love to have a big group join in on the fun and create some fun memories this July!

Ready to sign up and join the fun???
Just click HERE and fill out the quick on-line form to get started. Once your registration form is I’ll send you more details.

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