The V Family {Spokane, WA Family Photographer}

So, last summer I finally made a switch to a new DDS- I had been complaining for years about the old office, and then throw in the almost 30 minute drive to get there, and I had finally had it. I found an office just 5 minutes from my parent’s house (hello, babysitting!), prefered with my insurance (no small feat!), and not too far from our house if babysitting wasn’t necessary. It was the trifecta I’m telling you!

I go in for my first visit, and of course as soon as my mouth is stuffed full of all their fun things they start asking me questions. I was able to get out that I was a photographer, at least I assume they understood, because they started asking more questions about it. As I left the office I gave a couple of my cards to the gals that had helped me. Well, one of them must have given my card to the DDs since a few months later I got a call from his wife.

The V family was super sweet, had me to their house for the session, and then back for their ordering session. The day of the session, which we had planned on doing a lot outdoors I woke up and it was snowing.:(So we moved the session indoors, but it all worked out, and we stayed dry- Bonus!

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