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Last week I posted two posts about pinterest and my thoughts on it.  I LOVE pinterest and love using it to inspire me, whether it be house related, birthday parties, photography sessions, cleaning ideas, and so much more!

In case you missed lasts week’s posts-

Pinterest, a Blessing or a Curse

Playing Nice with Pinterest

You’ll want to take a look at these two posts  to help you out in the contest we’re about to have.  Yes, you read that right we’re having a pinterest contest!  Anyone can take part and you can win any type of session that I provide (please note, I do not provide newborn sessions).

So, here is how it will work…

*First off you need to make sure you have a pinterest account.  If you don’t have one and want to start one just leave me your email address below and I’ll send you an invite.

*Head on over to my blog, scroll the end of the page, and find the search box.  Enter your search terms “senior”, “family”, “field” “children”, “engagement”, “what to wear” … whatever kind of session you want to win.

*Find some images taken by me, Kelly with Creatively Yours  you would love to use as inspiration for a session.  Pin these images to you pinterest account creating a new board entitled “@Creatively Yours Photography” or “@Creatively Yours Seniors”

*From there you can add more pins to create ideas of what you would love to be.  Some sites I’d suggest to check out- pinterest itself is an excellent source, celebrity sites, polyvore (clothing ideas), on facebook- Wardrobe Wednesday.

A few rules-

*You can pin as many items as you would like, but must have a minimum of 10.  I pinned my board below in less than 30 min, so  it shouldn’t be hard. :)

*A minimum of 4 images must be from my site/blog.

*You can NOT pin any other photographer’s images.  You can pin celebrity images.

*Your pin board must be visible to myself and others.

*Your board must be titled @Creatively Yours Photography or @Creatively Yours Seniors

*Once you have your board started come back here and leave a link to your board.

*The board must be finished by Monday, March 26th.  I will begin checking boards and making my selections on Tuesday.  I will be using a group of professional photographers to help me choose a winner.  The winner will be announced by Friday, the 30th.


Here is the link to  my sample board that I created for you to get an idea. :)  I created mine as a Senior session idea board, but you can do it to match whatever session you’re wanting to win.  Any questions let me know!!


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