Last month was Prom month.  I got the joy of photographing of Sarah and her boyfriend Shane.  They were so much fun!  Sarah is one of my senior models for the class of 2012, so you might remember her from earlier.  It was definitely a whirlwind night as they showed up for their pictures, and then ran off to meet with a group of friends for the rest of the night.

If you’re a member of the class of 2012 you definitely want to know this for next year- anyone that has their senior pictures done with me will receive 10% off their prom package and they will get first dibs on Prom night sessions.

Without further ado here they are-

Spokane WA Senior Photographer

So, it is that time of the year for most of the high schools in Spokane- yearbook time!!!  Since I was homeschooled all through high school I never got a year book, but I can imagine what fun it would be to flip through and check out all the pictures.  Both the pictures throughout the year and the actual yearbook photos.

Whenever I do an ordering session with Seniors that is almost always one of the first things they talk about- what picture to choose.  Some debate about it for months, others instantly know which one they want to use, but either way it is a big deal.  You want something to represents you, of course you have to look amazing in it, and a big plus is if it will stand out and be different than everyone else’s.

So, how do you accomplish all that- looking good, being unique, and representing who you are- in one photo?  Well, part of that is choosing the right photographer for you.  And, it can all start by looking at…..


As you flip through all the senior’s yearbook pictures notice what you like about their pictures and don’t like about them.  Are there some that aren’t light well, or have weird hand positions, what about cheesy poses?  Which pictures stand out to you- look like the Senior, are unique?  Finding the right photographer is like finding the right outfit.  It just has to fit!

Ready to be inspired for your session?  Start flipping through magazines, catalogs, check out our site.  When you’re ready we’ll create a UNIQUE session just for you!

Want to see more of my work?  Well, here you go, just for you, a website just for Seniors!

Creatively Yours Seniors Website

Here are just a few images that some of my seniors chose for their yearbook pictures last year- Notice something?  They’re all totally different!

It is time for another What to Wear edition, up this time is a sibling edition.

As with all my What to Wear posts I’m not saying you have to go out and buy these exact outfits, although if you want to that is great too! These are meant to give you some ideas as to what makes up a great outfit. You’ll see I’ve mixed textures, finishes, added some bling, and fun colors to each one. You’ll notice the little things make a big difference!

Spokane WA Children’s Photographer

You may remember Miss K from her little sneak peek on the blog a few weeks ago.  This adorable little girl just turned 1 and in typical 1 year old fashion was constantly on the move.  She was full of personality and kept me on my toes.  We had lots of fun playing with apples, in the fields, and anywhere else she could convince us to go.

1 Year
Spokane, WA Children’s Photographer

Here we go!  Another senior model installment!

Who are the Senior Models?  They are members of the class of 2012.  They are working with me to promote me to their friends and family.  For each person that they refer to me they will earn points to be redeemed for gift cards later this year.  If you know one of the Senior Models be sure to get a model card from them before you book your session.  Turn their card in and earn them a referral credit, and you’ll score 8 wallets for free.  =)

Today I am featuring Megan!

1. Your name

Megan Aguilar

2. School Graduating from


3. Favorite school subject


4. Favorite color


5. Favorite Band, Musician, Musical artist

Jimi Hendrix

6. Favorite part of your model session

Changing my clothes  =)

7. Summer plans

Getting out of Spokane!

8. Any after school activities, sports

Reading, going to the gym, going to the park with friends

9. Favorite spot to shop


10.  Anything else fun you want to tell me?

I can lick my elbow!  My dad is my hero!  Penguins are my favorite animals!

Spokane, WA Senior Pictures

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