Terissa was chosen as the recipient of the Bright Light Award for the Class of 2014.  It was a unanimous decision by all the business owners involved.  She was nominated by her mom, and will be graduating next year from East Valley High School.  Her story, her courage, and the decisions she has made captured us all!  When we choose a winner we have no idea what they look like, who they are, or what their personality is like.  One by one as we met Terissa we were all amazed that not only did she deserve to win based on the criteria of what we were looking at, she was also as sweet as could be, and absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

As a winner of the Bright Light Recipient Terissa received a free haircut from Jenn Barlos at Design Studio 13, a gift certificate from Finders Keepers II to do some shopping prior to her session, airbrush makeup application from Shasta Hankins, and of course her session with me.

For her session Terissa decided she wanted to spend some of her time at the Latah Creek in Spokane.  I love this little hidden spot… so fun and gorgeous!  Going in the creek is not for the faint of heart as Terissa proved after she took a little spill into the creek, but more on that later!  I accused her of just trying to cool off on the 95 degree evening! lol  After that we went to another one of my favorite places.  This spot offers such a unique setting for anyone that is wanting something posh, sophisticated and romantic.

Senior Pictures in the water in Spokane WA
Senior Photos in the Latah Creek in Spokane
Senior Photos by a graffiti wall in Spokane WA
Gorgeous Senior Photos by Creatively Yours
Beautiful Class of 2014 Senior Pictures in Spokane WA
Stylish Senior Photos of Spokane East Valley High School student
Stunning High School Senior Photos by Creatively Yours Seniors

Do you recognize that beautiful face?  It is Kaylee again!  Kaylee and her boyfriend of 2 years, Westin!  As one of my senior models Kaylee received a complimentary BFF session.  Kaylee opted to use her BFF session in conjunction with her senior pictures and document her and Westin’s love for each other.  They are so cute together and I can’t believe that they’ve been together for 2 years!  Your senior pictures are the perfect opportunity to bring along your boyfriend/girlfriend and get a couple shots of the two of you together.  There is no additional fee to bring them along.  In fact I find that a lot of times having your boyfriend or girlfriend with you can bring out your most beautiful self just by having them there cheering you along!

Beautiful Girlfriend and Boyfriend photos in Spokane WA
Spokane WA Couples Photos
Gorgeous Boyfriend and Girlfriend Images in a field in Spokane WA
Couples Sunset Silhouette Photo in Spokane WA

It is time to feature Kaylee on the blog today!  Kaylee is another one of my senior models and a member of the Class of 2014 from North Central high school in Spokane.  When we talked about what she was wanting for her senior pictures it was really about beautiful locations to compliment her sense of style and beauty.  She wanted to use the studio for some of her pictures, which is always a  fun option.  From there we went to one of my favorite locations that I refer to as my “romantic” spot, simply because it is so beautiful, soft, very European… all the things that scream romance.  Lastly we headed out into the field for some of my favorite yummy hazy light.  It truly was a gorgeous night and we captured some gorgeous images of Kaylee!

Hair and makeup by Jenn Barlos at Design Studio 13

Spokane Studio Senior Pictures by Creatively Yours
Gorgeous senior pictures on a rock wall in Spokane
North Central Senior Pictures in Spokane
Stunning headshot in Spokane WA
Gorgeous Senior Pictures in a jean jacket in Spokane WA
Stunning Senior Pictures in Spokane WA
Playful Senior Photos in Spokane WA
Senior Pictures in a field in Cheney WA
Gorgeous senior pictures in a field in Spokane WA
It isn’t too late to schedule your senior pictures!  This week only through the 24th you can save $50 on your senior session fee!  Want to see more seniors?

Now, is the time…. school starts in just over 2 weeks!  Senior Pictures are due at most schools by the middle of September, even earlier at Gonzaga Prep!  Don’t delay and don’t settle for ordinary and average senior pictures.  These are more than just photos this is about an experience.  And, this experience can set the tone for your entire senior year.  So, start it out with a bang… create yourself at your very best!!!

Special offer on Senior Pictures for the Class of 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing Claire and Jared’s wedding.  They got married at their church, Faith Bible in Spokane.  Claire and Jared decided they wanted to have a first look (the only way to do it in my opinion!) and then do all their formal portraits prior to the ceremony.  We were wanting to do something fun and different for their pictures, but still close by to the church.  We decided to head up the Garland district and look for some shade- with a wedding party totalling 26 people, we needed a large space.  I found that space at the Garland Theater.  They were gracious enough to allow us to use their parking lot and side of their building.  It was absolutely perfect, especially since it was close to 100 degrees while we were out doing the photos and we were at least able to stay in the shade!

Bride and Groom First Look pictures in Spokane WA by Creatively Yours
Fun, Urban Wedding Photos in Spokane WA by Creatively Yours
Gorgeous Portaits of Bride and Groom in Spokane
Stunning Wedding Photos in Spokane WA
Beautiful Wedding Photography in Spokane WA by Creatively Yours
Fun Photo of Bride
Large Summer Wedding Party in Spokane WA
Fun Urban Wedding Photography in Spokane
Cool Groomsmen portraits in Spokane
Funny Groomsmen photos with fun socks in Spokane WA
Fun Urban Image of Bridesmaids in Spokane WA

Claire was determined to make their sanctuary feel totally different than a typical wedding at the church.  I think she succeeded!  It was gorgeous and not like any other church wedding I’ve ever seen.  From the tulle and lights suspended from the ceiling, to the branch arch way, and the all the soft candles it all created the most romantic ambiance!

Gorgeous image of inside Faith Bible at a Wedding in Spokane
Beautiful wedding detail pictures in Spokane WA
After their ceremony I snuck away with the Bride, Groom, and Maid of Honor to steal away a few moments and capture some gorgeous post wedding ceremony portraits.  They were a stunning contrast to the urban style portraits we got prior to the ceremony.  It is such a fun thing to be able to steal these moments and have another quiet, peaceful moment for the Bride and Groom.

Stunning Romantic Portraits of Bride and Groom in Spokane WA
Romantic Bride and Groom Portraits- veil blowing in the wind- in Spokane WA
Beautiful Wedding Photographs in Spokane WA by Creatively Yours
Fun Exit photo of Bride and Groom with bubbles in Spokane WA
Want to see more of my wedding work?  Check out my exclusive wedding website!

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