10 on 10.. Month 2

So, what is 10 on 10 you may ask?

10 on 10 is 10 photographers, posting 10 images on the 10th of each month.  This is a personal project that I’m starting with a group of 10 other photographers.  We are all members of 4 the Love Focus, an on-line forum for professional women photographers.  After you’re done here you can click the link below to go visit the next photographer in our little group-

Jenn Reno Photography in Bern NC.

Sadly for a lot of professional photographers, myself very  much included, our own family photographers of the daily happenings in our lives are left not documented.  For myself I found that the more I learned about my camera the less I’ve used it for images of everyday life.  I’m constantly thinking about ISO, shutter speeds, light…. and not about capturing these precious moments in my children’s lives.  That is why I’ve joined this 10 on 10 group.  These images while not technically perfect are capturing my children and our lives.  The 10 images I’m sharing represent a day in our families lives…. a very special day, my little girlie’s actual birthday!  I had big plans for all the fun things we were going to do to celebrate, but those had to scratched because both myself and my girlie were sick.  Instead we had a laid back day and just enjoyed her!

10 on 10 Photographer Project10 on 10 Personal Project10 on 10 Personal Photographer ProjectBirthday GirlLittle Girl and magnetic DollsBirthday Girl playing with dollsEating PizzaEating Birthday PizzaOPI Nail polishOPI Nail Polish on Little Girl

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