Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Yep, that pretty much describes my Wednesday-Sunday of last week. I have been wanting to create some indoor studio space for a year or more. In fact it is in my 5 year plan. 😉 Unfortunately, I’m a bit inpatient, so for the last month or so I’ve been scheming how I can come up with a temporary spot to use during our long and deary winter months and the ever present rain that we seem to have lately.

My plan- to turn our guest room (that is maybe used 3x a year! If you don’t include just holding a ton of junk) into a studio! The goal to have it done by Sunday to do the first session in my Real Women*Real Beauty project. So, when I start to talk to my husband about it Tuesday night and tell him my plan he looks at me like I’m crazy. I assure him that all he’ll have to do is help me get the bed out of the room.

On Wednesday after ballet lessons I start the process- buying the paint, some sheers for the windows, and white bedding. When we get home I begin clearing out the room. The kids are excited to help, so we begin sorting through the piles in the room and get everything ready to take out to our shop with all our other storage. By the end of the afternoon we have it cleared out, except for the bed, which I do in fact need Steve’s help getting out of the room. Thursday is all about painting, until I run out of paint that is! Friday takes us back out shopping for more paint, curtains, and some decor. Then it is more painting, cleaning, setting up, hanging the curtains, putting up some of my work, and getting ready to shoot on Sunday afternoon. I have to admit by Sunday after the session I was exhausted, but oh so proud of myself! I think it all came together perfectly. I want to add a few more decor items, and a few things, but it is ready to go and I’m excited!!

If you’d like to try out the new studio give me a call and we’ll set a date!


Studio MakeoverSpokane WA Studio MakeoverSpokane WA Studio Makeover

And, one from my first session in my new space from my Real Women*Real Beauty session!

Spokane WA Women's Pictures

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  • That is fabulous! What a lot of work in a short time. I’m sure you’ll love having inside shooting space!!ReplyCancel

  • Love it~so fresh and clean! And your session in there went beautifully~congrats!!ReplyCancel

  • Fantastic before and after, Love what you did!ReplyCancel

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