New Orleans {Spokane WA Photographer}

So, I’ve been so bad about blogging lately.  I was looking through my photos from this year, and realized that I had never done a post about the cruise my husband and I went on in January, yes that would be 7 months ago.  Shame on me!!!  So here, I am… I’m finally going to do it.

This first post is just from our time in New Orleans.  Our boat was due to leave early on Sunday afternoon, and since it was January we were more than a little nervous about having weather problems flying there.  We decided to go ahead and leave Friday to give us plenty of cushion.  We couldn’t exactly miss our boat otherwise we’d miss our entire vacation!

We had been to New Orleans once before in April of 2005, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina.  I must say this time around as a photographer I was even more taken with the architecture and surroundings.  Everywhere we went I kept telling my husband how much I’d love to shoot a senior session there!  If anyone wants to take me up on it, buy me a ticket, and I’ll be there in a second!

We were all over downtown- the Art and Warehouse District, the French Quarter, the Riverfront….  We walked so much that first day that I ended up rolling my ankle and being fairly miserable walking the rest of the trip. :(  Oh, well we got some amazing pictures!

From the World War II Museum

Spokane, WA Photographer

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