3rd Times the Charm

Yep, this is the 3rd session I’ve done with my brother Isaiah, a member of the class of 2012!  He had his first session with my class of 2012 Model shoot over a year ago in the Spring.  The next session we did was last August.  I’ll admit we kind of threw it together fast, which sometimes works out, but that time it just didn’t as much.  I decided we needed to try again and we needed to have someone else come with him to help him relax.  I highly recommend bringing a friend with you if you know that you haee a hard time relaxing in front of the camera.  It definitely made a huge difference for him!

The other reason we wanted to do the session was to show off his new base!  It was his senior project.  He made it himself, and it is a work of art, and dang heavy too!   I was amazed when I went to take it from it weighs a ton… I guess he gets a workout while he plays it!  lol  This is the 3rd base I’ve photographed him with, each session he had a different one!  The first one got ran over by a car, the second one he sold, and now he has this one that he made!  I thought it would be fun to do a little collage of shot with each base!

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