A Trip in the Mud {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

Tuesday evening was a typical Senior session with Lucy and her mom Terri.  We were at the Finch Arboretum for the second part of her session, and we’re moving from one spot to another when Lucy asked about getting a shot in this little man made creek.  I mean this thing is tiny, I don’t really know what to describe it as.  I said sure, that sounded like fun, and was a shot that I had never done before.  We could see the bottom, it was a maybe about 3 inches deep.  I suggested we move down about 15 feet to where the “creek” was a little bit wider.  Once we were at the right spot I told her to go ahead and step in.  Now where we were the water was pretty muddy so we couldn’t see the bottom as well.  We quickly found out why.  Lucy stepped into the water and immediately sunk to her mid thigh in mud.  She quickly caught herself with her arm, or she would have face planted.  =)  When we helped her out of the mud she was cover in mud, and I thought to myself, “this session is over!”, not so at all!  Lucy laughed hysterically, we took a few pictures, and she plopped herself in the water and washed off.  After changing out of her now very wet and muddy dress on we went.  I don’t think there are very many girls that would have survived that moment, but Lucy did and I just have to share the pictures!

Her actually sneak peek is up on facebook, and we’ll see some more of her session when she returns from her mission trip to Belize.

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  • Thats what you have to do in life, laugh it off and carry on, well done Lucy! I’m sure the rest came out amazing :)ReplyCancel

  • These look like so much fun! Love them!ReplyCancel

  • Denise Harms

    I love these mud pictures Lucy!

    Mrs. HarmsReplyCancel

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