And, the Award Goes to….

Chrissy-Lyn Schrader

This year’s Bright Light recipient was nominated by her Mother.

She will be graduating with the Class of 2013 from Roger’s High School in Spokane WA.

Chrissy Lyn’s story touched our hearts as she as overcome adversity in her pursuit of her education.  She never gave up gave up despite the uphill battle she faced.  Not only that, but she is involved in the community- serving in the parks department, at Anna Ogden Hall, and always helping friends and family.

We are excited to recognize Chrissy-Lyn for her outstanding attitude towards life.

She will receive a $100 Gift certificate to go shopping at Finders Keepers, a haircut and style by Jenn Barlos at Elixir Salon, makeup by Shasta Hankins, a professional makeup artist, and of course her senior session with Creatively Yours, including 10 digital images.

Thank you to all the marvelous people that nominated so many other outstanding seniors.  All other nominees will receive a $75 gift certificate to Creatively Yours to have their senior pictures done.

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