But I Homeschool….

Is a thing I hear quite frequently regarding school pictures and even senior pictures.

I know that quite often the focus of senior pictures is on getting that one yearbook picture, but that isn’t really what it is all about. Senior pictures are to document an amazing time and accomplishment in your life. They capture who you are as you are about to embark on in a new journey in life. Homeschooling isn’t an excuse to just ignore it.

I was homeschooled all the way from 1st grade through graduation. I still had my senior pictures done and I have photographed other homeschool grads. I will admit that it makes me sad when I hear the “but I homeschool” excuse, because I believe it helps perpetuate the whole homeschool stigma- that we’re not normal because we don’t attend either public or private school. We deserve to celebrate this milestone in our lives just as much as those who have attended a traditional school. I truly believe that homeschooling doesn’t make this achievement any less important or real. It is time to celebrate who we are and have it documented for the rest of our lives!

Here are a few of my homeschool grads…

Senior Guy Pictures in Spokane WA
Beautiful Senior Portraits in Spokane WAGorgeous Senior Girl Headshot in Spokane WAWant to see more Senior Pictures?

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