Isaiah- Class of 2012 Senior Model {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

It is time for another installment of the Senior Model series!
The Senior Models are all Juniors, who will be graduating in 2012. They are all working with me, earning credits to redeem as gift cards in the fall for each referral they send to me.

Up this time is Isaiah. You might be surprised to find out that this very tall, very blonde Junior is one of my younger brothers. I know, we don’t look a thing alike do we?! I can’t believe I’m doing his Senior pictures this year. In fact I’m in denial! I never feel old, until I start to consider how old all my young siblings are getting.

Isaiah is home schooled by our mom. He is involved in his youth group at Zion Christian Center, playing bass for their worship band. He also is carrying on the family tradition of working at Rockwood Bakery. He is the 4th of the Sonneland kids to work there! Isaiah was a part of the group shoot. We had fun at the property, the Railroad tracks, and then through downtown. If you know Isaiah you’ll want to hit him up for one of his Model cards to earn him a referral credit, and to score yourself 8 free wallets!

Since we’ll be seeing a lot of all the models throughout the next few months I thought it would be fun to get to know them all a bit better.  I put together some questions for a little Q&A-

1. Your name

Isaiah Sonneland

2. School Graduating from

Home schooled

3. Favorite school subject


4. Favorite color


5. Favorite Band, Musician, Musical artist

Menomena, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Death By Panda, Daft Punk the list goes on I can’t really decide…

mmm…. can we say, musician much?  lol

6. Favorite part of your model session

Railroad tracks

7. Summer plans

Working at Rockwood Bakery, playing on the worship team for Teen Camp.

8. Any after school activities, sports

Music practice, Youth Group at Zion Christian Center, working

9. Favorite spot to shop

DYD (Drop your Drawers)

Stay tuned, another Senior Model is coming up- Sarah B!

Spokane, WA Senior Pictures

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