June Senior Special {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

6 Reasons to Have Your Session in June-

*  You’ll be entered to win a free friend session.  The friend session is good for up to 4 friends to hang out for 2 hours.  I’m just along for the ride to capture who you all are.  You will also receive a disc with your images for you all to share!  A $600 value!

*  With a qualifying purchase you’re going to earn free product!

*  The weather is generally cooler.  Making it a lot more enjoyable to wear those sweaters, leggings, and boots.  Plus, it is warm enough for fun summer clothes too.

*  Everything is green still.  By July and August everything starts drying out.  This is a huge liability if you want pictures in the field, especially if you’re a blonde.

*  You’ll have your pick in your location selections.  I try to limit the number of Seniors I take to different locations per school, so you end up with unique locations and not just like everyone else.

*  More time to pick your yearbook photo!

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