Rock Your Frock {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

Rock Your Frock sessions are a new session I’m offering, and they are without a doubt a lot of fun!  I took out Dani and Sara to model for me a couple weeks ago, and it ended up being a bit chilly, but we still had fun.  In between shots it was back into the fuzzy boots and sweaters to try and keep warm.  We headed downtown and they showed off their gorgeous gowns.
Rock Your Frock sessions can be done after Prom, or even after your wedding.  It is your chance to get out and take some pictures that you wouldn’t typically do before hand lest you get that dress dirty.  Most of these dresses you’d only wear once, so don’t miss out on the chance to take some one of a kind images in them!  After Prom you can even book a BFF session and do it Rock Your Frock style.  What could be more fun than going out with your girl friends and hanging out in your prom attire and letting me capture the fun?!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Rock Your Frock featuring Mariah coming later this week!

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