Sarah B- Class of 2012 Senior Model {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

Who is ready for another post featuring the Senior Models of 2012?
I know I am!

Who are the Senior Models?  They are members of the class of 2012.  They are working with me to promote me to their friends and family.  For each person that they refer to me they will earn points to be redeemed for gift cards later this year.  If you know one of the Senior Models be sure to get a model card from them before you book your session.  Turn their card in and earn them a referral credit, and you’ll score 8 wallets for free.  =)

Today I am featuring Sarah B!

Sarah attends Lewis and Clark High School.  I am so excited to work with Sarah.  She is natural in front of the camera!  We had tons of fun driving around town finding lots of new locations to shoot at.  We even had a fun run in with a group of homeless men at one of the locations- asking us for tobacco, to take their picture, answer a few questions, and ended with one of them telling me I looked absolutely fabulous!  Although I’m not quite sure why they were talking to me when I had beautiful Sarah with me!  They were probably afraid of being accused of hitting on an under age girl!  lol  It definitely will be an experience I won’t soon forget!

Since we’ll be seeing a lot of all the models throughout the next few months I thought it would be fun to get to know them all a bit better.  I put together some questions for a little Q&A-

1. Your name

Sarah Barrentine

2. School Graduating from

Lewis and Clark High School

3. Favorite school subject


4. Favorite color


5. Favorite Band, Musician, Musical artist

Jack Johnson, John Mayer

6. Favorite part of your model session

Running into the homeless men and the metal structure

7. Summer plans

Soccer, working at Splashdown, going to the lake, hanging with friends.

8. Any after school activities, sports

Soccer and working at Deaconess

9. Favorite spot to shop


Stay tuned, another Senior Model is coming up- Sarah B!

Spokane, WA Senior Pictures

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