Senior Models Needed {Spokane WA Senior Photographer}

I’m getting really excited about the Senior Model program for the class of 2012.  I’ve started getting some applications, and can’t wait to start meeting the girls in person, and preparing for their sessions.  One of the questions I ask in the application is where they would like to have their pictures done, or if they have any ideas.  The answers are always one of my favorite things to read.  Just a few of their ideas- Greenbluff, an abandoned barn, the Railroad tracks, the Wheat fields in Cheney, Soccer field, incooperating bubbles, and by the Little Spokane.  I can tell I’m going to have fun this summer!  As I’ve been thinking about this coming here it also made me stop and think about some of the fun images from last year. 

I didn’t think you’d mind too much if I shared some of them again?  =)
P.S. If you’re ready to apply all you need to do is hop over to the 2012 Senior page and hit the application.

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