The Journey Never Ends

One of the things I love about photography is that the learning never ends.  I love that there is always something new to discover.  It doesn’t always make the old way wrong, or even the new way better.  It just is something new.  One of the ways I continually learn is being on different online forums.  Two that I call home are 4 the Love of Focus and Inside the Locker.

Thanks to the women on 4 the Love of Focus I was able to fix one of my favorite pictures of my daughter.  The day we took the picture it was a bit breezy and with her long fine hair it is nearly impossible to catch a shot without wispys in her face.  I tried with no avail to fix them before.  One of the photographers suggested using the healing brush tool to fix it.  It worked like a charm. :) Beautiful Little Girl Image in Spokane, WA

On both forums I’ve heard amazing things about Michelle Kane and her actions.  Michelle is actually one of the photographers on Inside the Locker.  She is such a sweet heart!  I’ve been eying her actions for awhile now, amazed at how many different looks photographers I know have been able to achieve using them.  Well, I finally broke down and got them and have been having fun playing with them.  Since it is winter and cold I don’t have a lot of new sessions right now, so I took a couple of my shots from last summer and played with them.  I’m really going to enjoy working with them!  I love my senior girls- it is always fun to pull out their shots and see what new magic I can work on them!

Senior Girl in the Peaceful ValleySenior Girl on the Railroad TracksIf you’re a photographer, or wanting to learn more about photography I highly recommend joining a forum to help you learn and grow.  I would not be where I am today without all the amazing members of the different forums I’ve been on!  Both the forums I am on are for professional photographers only.  If you’ve just starting out I highly recommend you check out the Bloom Forum!

Spokane, WA Photographer

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  • Caty B.

    Kelly – LOVE the before and after edits! Thank you for sharing these! You’re definitely inspiring me to keep learning about actions and how to play around with them. It’s SO fun!

    The final edit of Little Miss A’s photo is gorgeous! If only I knew how to take care of flyaways like that! 😉ReplyCancel

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