Top 10 Countdown for Senior Picture Tips

10. Drink plenty of water prior to your session. It is the best thing you can do for your skin to get your photo ready!

9. Stay out of the sun and away from the bugs for a day or so before your session. Yes, I know photoshop can take a lot of those things away, but it won’t totally solve the problem. It is best to just stay away.

8. Get a good night sleep the nights before. No one wants to see a tired senior! Those bags under the eyes aren’t doing anyone any favors.

7. Make sure to eat prior to your session! A lot of times my sessions will start around 6 or 6:30 pm and will run until 8 or 8:30. For most of us that is dinner time. It is easy to think that you’ll just wait and eat afterwards, but I can always tell when that is the case. By the end of the session attention fades and it is harder to focus on what we’re doing. If you eat before you’re ready to go and can stay “full and focused” the whole time.

6. Don’t just rely on your photographer for all the inspiration. Although that is definitely part of the job you know yourself best and what you’re looking for. Pinterest has become my very favorite source of inspiration. Considering starting board for your session and sharing it with your photographer. It gives me an amazing starting point to know what you’re looking for! Check out this sample Senior board I’ve put together!

5. If you’re a tanner stay out of the tanning bed for one week prior to your session. As much as the idea of a spray tan can sound like a good idea I’d avoid it. So often in pictures it will make you look like a pumpkin, and no one wants that. If you wanting that tanned glow I highly recommend a bronzer. I have one by MAC that I adore!

4. Come with your outfits ready to go. Clothes on hangers and not stuffed in bags is the way to go. Have everything freshly ironed. Accessories can be put in baggies by outfit, so you’re not hunting around trying to find that right pair of earrings lost in your bag to with your favorite outfit.

3. Have your hair done at least one week prior to your session. This goes for the guys as well! If you have it done just prior to your session there is a good chance that you won’t have mastered the styling. Plus if it gets cut a little too short (guys) having it done in advance will give a little time to grow back out.

2. Consider hiring a professional to do your makeup and hair for your session. If you can only do one or the other I highly recommend a makeup artist. A good professional makeup artist will give you a polished look without making you look overdone. We don’t want you to not look like yourself, we want you to look like the VERY best version of yourself!

1. Plan ahead- the more you plan ahead the time both you and your photographer have to plan your session. If you truly want an amazing, once in a lifetime session, with a customized theme and feel then make sure to give both of you time to put it all together.

What fun is a post without pictures? Here are a couple of my favorite recent seniors!

Class of 2013 Senior Portaits Spokane WASenior Girls with Balloons in Cheney WAAmazing Senior Pictures in Spokane WASuper cute senior girl pictures in Spokane WA

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