Yearbook {Spokane WA Senior Pictures}

So, it is that time of the year for most of the high schools in Spokane- yearbook time!!!  Since I was homeschooled all through high school I never got a year book, but I can imagine what fun it would be to flip through and check out all the pictures.  Both the pictures throughout the year and the actual yearbook photos.

Whenever I do an ordering session with Seniors that is almost always one of the first things they talk about- what picture to choose.  Some debate about it for months, others instantly know which one they want to use, but either way it is a big deal.  You want something to represents you, of course you have to look amazing in it, and a big plus is if it will stand out and be different than everyone else’s.

So, how do you accomplish all that- looking good, being unique, and representing who you are- in one photo?  Well, part of that is choosing the right photographer for you.  And, it can all start by looking at…..


As you flip through all the senior’s yearbook pictures notice what you like about their pictures and don’t like about them.  Are there some that aren’t light well, or have weird hand positions, what about cheesy poses?  Which pictures stand out to you- look like the Senior, are unique?  Finding the right photographer is like finding the right outfit.  It just has to fit!

Ready to be inspired for your session?  Start flipping through magazines, catalogs, check out our site.  When you’re ready we’ll create a UNIQUE session just for you!

Want to see more of my work?  Well, here you go, just for you, a website just for Seniors!

Creatively Yours Seniors Website

Here are just a few images that some of my seniors chose for their yearbook pictures last year- Notice something?  They’re all totally different!

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