A Field of Sunflowers {Spokane WA Photographer}

Since I was in high school, and probably even before that I have loved sunflowers.  In fact I believe in my Junior year I owned a pair of shortalls (remember those?)  that had sunflowers on them.  I had sunflower earrings, bracelet, and necklace.  I loved them!  Every time I walk by a bouquet in the store of sunflowers it always makes me smile.  They are just happy flowers.

This summer I decided to give myself a bit of sunshine all summer long.  I planted my own little field of sunflowers, and I have to admit I’m in love!  😉  I love looking out and seeing their little cheerful selves!  One of the reasons I planted them too was to use a backdrop for my photography sessions.

I was outside tonight, and looked over there they were looking cute as can be, and the sun starting to set on them was just beyond beautiful, so I had to share!  I’m dying to do a session with them, so I’m offering a special Sunflower discount.  See now, they made you smile didn’t they?!  So, call and schedule a Sunflower Session (no, you’re whole session won’t be there unless you want, but we’ll use them for a few shots!) and you’ll receive $25 off your session fee, plus $25 in print credits.

Don’t delay though, ’cause I’m guessing they won’t last too long!

Spokane WA PhotographerSpokane WA PhotographerSpokane WA Photographer

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