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In case you missed the announcement Creatively Yours is going to be sponsoring a local Spokane WA Scavenger Hunt (follow the link for all the details!). We will be doing a picture scavenger hunt starting July 1st. All you need to participate in the hunt is a camera. It can be any kind of camera- a basic point and shoot, a children’s camera, or a DSLR. If you’re in the market for a new camera it is your lucky day! I have a couple recommendations for you.

Basic Point and Shoot-
Canon PowerShot A1300

Although I don’t personally own this camera I feel that Canon’s reputation speaks for itself. This is an example of just a basic point and shoot. It does feature a video setting.

Advanced Point and Shoot-
The Canon Powershot SX150 IS
Although I don’t personally own this camera I feel confident enough in Canon’s products to recommend it. I’m actually looking to purchase a small point and shoot to use for those times I don’t want to haul around my DSLR and this is one of the ones I’m looking at. With its current price on Amazon I don’t think you can go wrong!
I call this one advanced, because it offers the ability to shoot it in a manual mode, so that you can control shutter speed and aperture or in another setting just one of the other. This allows you better control over your exposure. It also has just a basic automatic setting to let the camera set the settings by itself. It also features a video feature.

Kid’s Cameras
I have two suggestions for you here since my son has one model and my daughter has another.
Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera
Vtech Kidizoom Camera
Both of these cameras have stood the test of childhood. My son has had his for almost 2 years and my daughter has had hers for about 7 months. I haven’t printed any of their pictures at this point. They really just enjoy taking the pictures and then delete them as their memory fills up and takes some more. They have both been dropped numerous times though and continue to work. The Vtech camera also has a couple little games on it, which she has loved. My biggest recommendation with a kid’s camera is to invest in some rechargeable batteries for them. We use these ones and have had great success with them in the year and a half we’ve had them!

I personally shoot with a Canon, so that is what I’m going to recommend although Nikon also makes a great entry level DSLR.
Canon Rebel T3
The Rebels are excellent cameras. I actually started my photographic journey with a Rebel XSI. You can still shoot in program mode which allows the camera to choose the settings, but I highly recommend learning to use one of the more manual modes to really take advantage of all the camera has to offer. I really don’t feel you can go wrong with any of the Rebels, each version Canon comes out with just keeps getting better.

I hope that this helps you out as you are looking to get ready for the Great Scavenger Hunt of 2012!

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