Fresh Faces Contest- Spokane, WA Photographer

Here are the Basics:
On Sunday, the 23rd at 10 am the voting will begin. Voting will continue through Wednesday, the 26th at 10 pm.
The winner will be announced on Thursday the 27th.

Now onto the RULES OF VOTING…
1. Only ONE vote per person per day on the Facebook Fan Page is permitted. Come back each day, choose the one photo you are voting for, and leave a comment underneath the image. Your comment may be as simple as “My vote!”. You will need to become a fan in order to leave your comment. If I see that a person has voted more than once on any given date, I will delete all votes by that person for that date!
2. Only ONE vote per computer per day on our Blog Poll is permitted. Please note this is per computer, not per person. The poll tracks votes by the IP address,and automatically filters this for me, so I won’t have to!
3. Voting takes place from Sunday, May 23rd (10AM) – Wednesday, May 27th (10PM). You may come back everyday to vote!

A FREE session (generally around 1 hour for up to 4 people) with Creatively Yours Photography! This session can either take place at my in home studio or at another outdoor location that we’ll determine at scheduling. You’ll also receive a $25 print credit to use towards your order! That is a $100 value! The session credits must be redeemed by July 15th.

BONUS- everyone that enters will 10% off their prints at their next session with Creatively Yours Photography.
BONUS- Second and Third place will each receive 25% off their prints to be used at their next session with Creatively Yours Photography

Onto the Good Stuff- here are all the cuties for you to vote on:



The Buchanan Kids



Isaac, Eli, Jack, and Wyatt





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