Get Your Head Shot!!!

Business, Model, Actor, Actress, Pastors, Singer…… You all need your head shots done.  What did you think I meant something else from the title of the post?!  Head shots are what can set you a part from everyone else.  Whether you’re trying to get the part, the gig, land the account, get the contract, or the customer to come into your business your head shot sets the tone.  In this economy I know that it is easy to think that you don’t want to spend the money on some new head shots, but I truly believe that in this economy you cannot afford to neglect them.

We have all heard the adage that it isn’t about what you know it is about who you know.  Your head shot sells you!  It shows you off to both your customers and your potential customers and lets them get a peek at you, lets them get them to KNOW you.  If you’re like me you will shop somewhere because you like the people that work there.  I prefer shopping at Orphaned Decor vs. another vintage store because I’ve gotten to know Leslie and Dave.  I have lots of other choices, but it I go there among other reasons because they are just nice people.  A while back I was looking for a new hair stylist for myself.  I surfed countless websites looking.  You would be shocked to know the number of sites that plain just didn’t have pictures of their stylists or had a camera phone/basic point and shoot picture of them.  You’re selling your services and that starts by selling yourself!

This month I’m offering a special on head shots, because I believe in the power of what I just wrote.  And, because I believe in Spokane and all the small businesses, people that it has to offer.

Book your headshots today for a Tuesday or Thursday in October for just $50.  You will receive a 10-15 minute session either indoors or out, up to 5 poses, a gallery of 4-8 images to choose from, and one digital image sized to print up to an 8×12 (perfect for business cards and flyers!) and a websized image for your website, facebook, etc.  Want to add another image, want a more creative, longer session, what about the whole office, or images of your business?  I can do all that too!  Just drop me a line and lets get it worked out for you!

Spokane WA Realitor HeadshotSpokane WA Medical Professional HeadshotSpokane WA Actress HeadshotSpokane WA Aspiring Model HeadshotSpokane WA HeadshotCheney WA HeadshotSpokane WA youth pastors headshot


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  • Julia McMahon

    Hey Kelly! I would love to schedule time for some headshots for my business cards.ReplyCancel

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