Let’s Go Blue Jays,

LET’S GO!!!!

It is time for another edition of my 10 on 10 group.  This group of photographers from 4 the Love of Focus have banded together to share 10 of our images on the 10th of each month.  The theme is entirely up to us individually.  It is simple to stretch us to document our own daily lives.  After you’re finished here you can go visit

Amy Shertzer, a Los Angeles Photographer

Riley just finished up his first baseball experience, t-ball with the West Plains Little League. Having grown up going to my brother’s baseball games I was super excited to get Riley started with some baseball, and so was he. We were so lucky to find the West Plains Little League rather than doing one of the traditional Spokane YSA teams, so that he could play with the kids from his school and in our area. One of the boys on his team was from his preschool class, and another from his kindergarten class. Several games the opposing team had players from his class as well, including a special little girl who he refused to get out and they cheered each other the entire time, so cute! Riley was placed on the Blue Jays team with Coach Matt (who was excellent with the kids). It was definitely a great start his baseball experience. He worked on learning some of the baseball terms, improved his throwing technique and learned about batting. We had so much fun practicing together that I actually asked Steve to get me a baseball glove of my own for Mother’s Day so I could play with him more and my poor hands would survive the experience. 😉 Riley got to play a variety of positions and learn how each one worked with the others. It was amazing to see how much the whole team improved over the course of the 6 weeks or so that they were practicing and playing. I’m already looking forward to next year!

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