Pinterest… a blessing or a curse?

I joined Pinterest just over a year ago. At the time I joined it was a fairly unknown thing. There were mainly photographers, crafters, and other artisans on there. In the last maybe 6 months it has exploded. It has become a place for all ages, types of people, and interests. I’m sure by now if you’re on pinterest you’ve seen the posts about people deleting their accounts as they are unsure of the terms of use and copyright. I’ve seen all sorts posting things about it and from various angles.

So, by now you’re probably asking what my take is on it, right?
Well, here are my thoughts….
For me pinterest is no different than me bookmarking site on my computer. We’ve all done that before, right? Seen something you liked- a recipe, a diy post, an image, haircut, home idea…. and bookmarked the page so you don’t forget to go back and look at it. Maybe this method has worked for some people, but I ALWAYS forget to go back and look. Since I can’t have a visual reminder of what each bookmark is about I forget. I’ll admit I am a VERY visual person… a large part of why I think I was drawn to photography. So, Pinterest for me has been a visual bookmark of things I want to remember. I will admit when I see something that someone has pinned, but hasn’t bothered to pin it correctly it irritates me. I have to go back and find the correct link and pin it anew with the corrected link. To me this is where the issue comes in with pinterest- things that aren’t pinned correctly.

What there is pinning etiquette? I think there is and tomorrow I’ll post a few tips.

Ready for a confession… I’m a pinterest junky! I’m sure you’re shocked.  Yes, I’m definitely in the pinterest is a blessing camp! I try to only post things that I’m really going to do or try or inspire me. I’m not just a mad, no rhyme or reason pinner. I love to do searches for things that interest me and find ideas. Things I have searched for that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else or would have searched for forever- Transformers birthday party, Strawberry Shortcake birthday party, garden ideas, landscaping, birthday girl outfits, recipes,…. I’ve used it for inspiration for shoots, home decor, and even planned meals.:)

If you’re not on pinterest and would like to be leave a comment below with your email and full name and send you an invitation to join. And, stay tuned, ’cause I’m going to be announcing a pinterest themed contest later this week!

Want a sneak peek of what I’ve been pinning? You can go to Some of my favorite finds on pinterest-

Smashed potatoes (made them 2x already and their a family favorite!)
Strawberry Lemonade
I have a whole board just of silly things to “Make My Kids Giggle”. This board has pulled a grumpy girl out of her funk numerous times!
Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes (These are delicious. You can see the proof below)
I’ve found lots of Photo Booth inspiration as well!

Pinterest inspired cupcakesPinterest inspired cupcakesBirthday Party Photo booth

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