Playing Nice with Pinterest

Although Pinterest has gotten in some hot water recently I believe that we can play nice and it make it an amazing place!  Yes, maybe I’m a little wishful, but I think we can make it work!

Since I’m planning doing a special contest with all my fans and blog readers I wanted go through a few tips and etiquette for using pinterest.

The first one is a biggie….

*Location, location, location

When you pin something make sure you pin from the actual location.  So, if you’re on a blog, say my blog and you want to pin an image (trust me I won’t bite if you do! 😉 ) rather than pin it from the home page you need to go directly to that pages link.  So that when someone clicks on your pin it brings them straight to the page with the image and not the home page.  Your link shouldn’t be… it should be something like…

From that page you can pin this image, or this one, or anything on that page.

Gonzaga District Engagement shoot with balloonsGonzaga U District Engagement Shoot*A name is worth its weight in gold!-

When you pin something give a name that will helps others find it.  If you just pin say the top image “Cute” it isn’t going to help any other users find it.  However if you were to name it “Engagement session with balloons” not only does it help you remember why you liked it, it will also help others find it.


*Create boards that make sense-

Don’t feel like all you can use if what you started with.  Branch out start new boards and categorize them, so that you and others can find what find what you’re looking for.  On my account I have boards name for each of my kids to help me pin things I find for them.  I also have boards entitled- “First the Voles Must Die” (Gardening ideas), “Must try Yumminess”, “Party Ideas”, “Me”, “Holidays”…….

*Be nice!-

Remember the old saying, “If you can’t saying something nice don’t say anything at all”.  Well, it applies to your on-line life as well.  If you see a pin you disagree with, or think is odd, just move past it.  You don’t need to comment about everything.  I have seen and heard the tears, concern, bewilderment after someone has left an ugly, or unnecessary comment on a pinned item.  On the flip side if you see something you like, take a moment and leave a nice note to the poster, like the pin, or re-pin it yourself.  It always makes me happy to see that someone appreciates what I’ve pinned.


It is at this point that I’ll say I’m not perfect and neither is my pinterest self.   If you look on my boards I’m sure you’ll find pins that are not named with a good name, or things that aren’t pinned from the correct location.  I always try to double check, and rename things if needed, but some have definitely fallen through the cracks or were pinned before I realized what was going on.

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