Scavenger Hunt {Spokane, WA Photographer}

This month I’m doing something fun, just for me, well the kids are having fun- at least most of the time too- I’m participating in a scavenger hunt. This one is hosted by my favorite photography board- Clickin’ Moms! All month long we’ve been given the challenge to go out and find different items, take their photographs, and then post them on the board. At the end of the month the top 10 will receive the most amazing prizes donated by our vendors! I’m doing my best to collect all my points. I want to WIN! Those of you that know me know that I’m not generally not competive, but as Steve has informed me I’m obsessed! I’ve cooked certain things, gone special places, and even painted my toes a specific color all to earn a point. Yep, this blog post is going to get me 2 glorious points. 😉 Some things have been easy to find and readily around the house- a child in sunglasses, a fan, child’s favorite book, and a picture of the outside of our house. Some though have taken some hunting- a rotary phone, a rubber chicken, a smurf, a purple car, and a rusted roof. Some have me a bit stumped and I’m still searching. If you know where I can find- bagpipes, a dunk tank, an acorn, a foam finger, or a lacrosse stick give me a holler!!! =) It’s been fun running into different people to get their help- bought an ice cream cone (triple scoop none the less) from an old friend, ran into another old friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and snapped a picture of her pregnant belly, and of course all my family- Carrie, Tori, Isaiah, and Johnny all helped out! Johnny gets an honorable mention for all his enthusiam!

Here is a small snippet of some of the photos we’ve gotten. If you want to go to my flikr stream you can see all of my Scavenger Hunt images

A Child in Sunglasses

Fresh Baked Cookies… my favorites Gingersnaps!

A Chiahuahua

A Rotary Phone

A Hula Girl

A Rubber Chicken

Ferris Wheel

Someone in a Life Vest
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